Mastodon 3049

It’s the year, well... 3049 (because 2049 isn’t that far off anymore for this to be believable).

The decentralized social network called Mastodon has transcended into a VR realm where instances resemble villages, towns, cities or other geopolitical structures from the Real World of a millennium ago.

Virtual users interact in realtime, can travel between instances to meet others, and so on.

What do you imagine your instance looks and feels like? What’s your Mastodon 3049 vibe?

@shahaan I feel like would have lots of gardening and be like a self-sufficient little village

Lots of crafting and chill conversations and just a calm place to relax

@shahaan A huge room filled with emoji plushies.

@shahaan A whimsical labyrinth where the walls are lined with all manner of arts and crafts, and on occasion you turn a corner and stumble into a workshop where you're invited to sit a while and learn how to create something new. If you pause to linger before a particularly mesmerising piece of art, a comfy chair will materialise behind you. If you feel inspired, nooks along the wall provide cozy workspaces and a plethora of tools for you to create.

@welshpixie Ah the artist’s dream realm! Sounds lovely. I like it! 😁

@the_gayest_goat_in_town @shahaan its geographical elevation is left undefined on most maps because it tilts every so often

@shahaan Literal stream-of-mind posting and chilling in full-integration VR literal activity-pubs
Also probably connected to quantum uplinks along with many other services, independently.
but damn, another 1000 years is long. I usually think much mind-merging and collective conciousness' aren't that uncommon then!

@mel hmm! Are the IRL humans in pods, with essential nutrients supplied automatically?

mel's sci-fi mind rambling, mastodon 3049 

@shahaan Hm. I'd think statis pods would be a thing too, but generally using surrogate bodies and sleeves could be nice where the original is kept in a suspended statis with all of that being provided. Maybe even circadian half-cyclers that allow 24/7 conciousness without sleep!
Or plain up mind-uploading to virtualspaces without a linked physical body! or doing all of that on the fly!

But not even touching all the ethics stuff, since that stuff all brings so many ethical dilemmas :')

mel's sci-fi mind rambling, mastodon 3049 

@mel dilemmas indeed 😂

As much as I like the idea of this type of post-human, extra-corporeal, digital existence, I kind of feel like there’s something crucial missing... in my mind that’s nature, I don’t think we’d be the same without it...

Anyway, thanks for indulging 😄

re: mel's sci-fi mind rambling, mastodon 3049 

@shahaan hey! it's okay! I agree with you, though it's a fun thought rabbithole.

re: mel's sci-fi mind rambling, mastodon 3049 

@mel that it is 😁

@shahaan As the name suggests, we'd definitely be a fun summer camp in the woods. S'mores, camp fires, songs, crafts, hiking, teaching and learning, silly but practical uniforms, fun traditions, rhymes, and mythology, clubs, games, learning about friendship and creativity in a natural atmosphere… 🏕️ ☺️ :camp_counselor:

@Rheall that sounds absolutely lovely! I’d imagine there’s a cliff overlooking a serene lake which one can reach after a half-day’s hike and be treated with a breathtakingly beautiful sunset 🌅 😊

A lonely but friendly house in the middle of nowhere, preferably a forest. Close, but not too close to a waterfall about 6 meters tall. Anyone is welcome to visit, but i prefer to live only with my family.

Disclaimer, my instance is a single user one and it probably wonʼt change in the nea future; but if it will, only family members can get an account.

@gergely fair enough, sounds peaceful and secluded 😊

@shahaan I think could be like a gigantic market where there is something to see and hear for everyone, in all languages. Sometimes strange, sometimes fascinating, but everybody finds someone to connect over common interests. All are welcome.

@shahaan a big roomy motte and bailey on a hill

the walls are half made of bizarre shiny techno pieces, and there are solar panels where the feudal banners should have been

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