Mastodon 3049

It’s the year, well... 3049 (because 2049 isn’t that far off anymore for this to be believable).

The decentralized social network called Mastodon has transcended into a VR realm where instances resemble villages, towns, cities or other geopolitical structures from the Real World of a millennium ago.

Virtual users interact in realtime, can travel between instances to meet others, and so on.

What do you imagine your instance looks and feels like? What’s your Mastodon 3049 vibe?

@shahaan As the name suggests, we'd definitely be a fun summer camp in the woods. S'mores, camp fires, songs, crafts, hiking, teaching and learning, silly but practical uniforms, fun traditions, rhymes, and mythology, clubs, games, learning about friendship and creativity in a natural atmosphere… 🏕️ ☺️ :camp_counselor:


@Rheall that sounds absolutely lovely! I’d imagine there’s a cliff overlooking a serene lake which one can reach after a half-day’s hike and be treated with a breathtakingly beautiful sunset 🌅 😊

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