Hi folks,

Here’s a friendly reminder to:

Back up your PC and/or data.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Even a simple weekly copy-paste of your most important files onto a separate USB hard drive is good enough and much better than no backup at all.

@girlmaya I’m sorry to hear that and I hope your situation improves soon. I forgot to mention in my original post that a viable free alternative to this is cloud storage as many companies offer a free account with limited storage of 5-15GB. Of course it depends how many files you have. If you have a paypal or kofee feel free to drop me a dm and I’ll gladly chip in whatever I can to help you get a USB drive, if that’s something you are going for :)

@shahaan i really appreciate that woa 🥺
i would rather put it towards trans stuff/survival stuff but storage is something ive considered upgrading for ages anyway

@shahaan i have hundreds of GBs of gopro footage on my pc and laptop sooo,,, expensive to backup :p

@shahaan I've been procrastinating on backupping my files for a few months now. I opened your toot in a seperate tab, and it will stay there until I finally did it.

@shahaan Funnily enough that USB hard drive might prove a better backup than those fancy NAS with a couple of disks - they are used very little, therefore last longer.

@shahaan thanks for the reminder! should do it asap after work.

@shahaan Thanks for the reminder! I narrowly avoided losing all my files to a broken windows update and I still haven't learned my lesson and set up backups. (Except my 2fa backup codes, those are safe. Shit, I need to back up my PGP keys.) I am using Linux now tho.

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