canada, islamophobia, murder, grief 

A 20yo white guy ran his pickup truck into a Muslim family out for an evening walk.

The only survivor was a 9yo boy. His mom, dad, older sister and grandma are dead.

News outlets are doing their usual with questions like “was this a hate crime?” and “was this terrorism?”

But all I can think about is that 9yo kid laying in a hospital bed. His family gone in a flash. I hope he has someone who really loves him. Someone who will hug him and hold him as he cries.


canada, terrorist attack 

The names of the victims have been released and I’ve come to know that 44yo Madiha Salman (the 9yo survivor’s mom) who was killed in the terrorist attack in London, Ontario was my childhood friend’s cousin.

Here’s a bit about her:

“Madiha earned an undergraduate degree in engineering in Pakistan and was the only woman in a class of 174, she told colleagues at London's Western University, where she earned a master's degree and was working to complete a PhD.”

canada, terrorist attack 

@shahaan ooof, I’m so sorry. What a loss.

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