A decade ago…

“Kids, get off the facebook, don’t waste your life away! Don’t trust anyone you meet online, you could get hurt!” — The Parents

A decade later…

“Mom, Dad, please stop with the forwards, they’re clearly fake and you’re spreading misinformation that could hurt people! Don’t trust everything you read online!” — The Kids

@shahaan @alcinnz “mom, dad, please stop posting my personal life on family members’ walls for all of their and your contacts to read. you basically just told ~1000 people I’m out of town for 2 weeks, not long after you just showed them all a picture of the new home I just moved to”, etc. 😅


@amatecha @alcinnz whoa that’s next level… I’d be all, red alert shields up ready phasers, if my parents shared that much without my consent 😬

@shahaan @alcinnz hahah, no kidding eh? fortunately the reality wasn’t quite that bad, but yeah, phasers definitely primed and ready 😂

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