Hey, you know what makes posts more accessible?

not writing them in one long run on word salad without any punctuation capitalization or other indication that you are moving from one idea or sentence to another or stopping and pausing for emphasis and differentiating meanings based on such cues

This advice is not only for increased accessibility for users who rely on screen readers. It also helps those who have difficulty with reading and comprehension due to a host of other reasons. Be kind.

I thought about whether I should CW this as “not screen reader friendly” or similar due to the example in the middle. I decided against it because the audience this is mainly aimed at might skip over it, if I did so.

@shahaan also grammar rules are there for a reason 😎👍


Well, it’s just that text is so much more difficult to read and process for people with visual and cognitive impairments when the writer deliberately chooses not to adhere to any semblance of the common structures and forms that readers are used to encountering.

I’m not advocating for perfect grammar and spelling. Just enough that the lack thereof doesn’t become an exclusionary impediment to any segment of readers.

@sunfun No, I wouldn’t frame it that way. And as I’ve explained in another reply in this thread, I’m not advocating for perfect grammar and spelling. You can read that reply if you want to know more about where I’m coming from.

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