Hey check out this sick new water cooling solution for my USB drive

If you can't tell whether this is a shitpost or not, be comforted in the knowledge that I can't either.

It started off as a joke and then the drive temp dropped a full 10°C after I did this.

Haha check this out it'll be hilar... wait, what.

Ok this actually works pretty well to keep drive temps down. Using it to keep this drive cool while I wipe it. Took the external drive enclosure case off to have the tin make direct contact with the drive.

Just gotta be careful not to spill the water, otherwise it'll be permanently wiped. 😅😬

@shahaan My question is, could you turn this into a desk tea-making solution?

@emacsomancer Hello and welcome to SSTea. Try our latest loose NAND blend.

@shahaan Would it work as well if the water were absorbed into a thin towel in the tin, so it were spillproof? Disadvantage: when it dries it becomes an insulator instead

@seachaint A thin wet towel might not work as well. I'm assuming this water-tin combination works similarly to a heat sink, so a thin towel with lesser water mass would mean lower heat capacity. If however the cooling mechanism was evaporation, then I would wager the thin wet towel might work just as well, if not better.

@seachaint I suppose I could test this by reducing the water level to the bare minimum and seeing where the temps go. Then do the same but with the tin filled to the brim.

@shahaan That would be interesting to graph, actually! You'd probably have a two-phase thing, where first the heat is sunk into achieving some steady-state temperature, and then the heat is converted into the latent heat of evaporation?

@seachaint Most likely, yes! And don't forget the greater surface area presented by the tin for heat to dissipate thru. This sounds like an interesting weekend experiment :)

@shahaan i think i've done this with a boba and my cell phone a few times

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