If you suggested I try Linux I would simply not. I would also think a bit less of you.

Fuck Linux.

talking down, but funny? Linux rant 

“Hey, why use an operating system built for humans if you could use one built for nerds?”

I can’t even get through the fucking setup. Linux is incomprehensible. Nobody wants to fight drivers and learn new apps that don’t work as well as the Windows or Mac counter parts.

Just let me live my life, jeez.

linux rant 

I’d rather buy a new computer than learn Linux. The time I save not learning new shit will be well worth the investment.

Linux people, rest assured, _everyone_ knows about your OS. If someone truly cared they’d switch. You don’t have to remind them. Don’t even have to suggest it.

You do you.

linux rant 

@moiety I can definitely relate. I got so frustrated with Linux about 4 years ago that I swore I'd give it up for good and switched entirely to Windows. The only thing that is pushing me to go back to Linux right now is the sheer audacity of the intrusive bullshit that Microsoft is doing with current and upcoming versions of Windows. 🤦‍♂️

linux rant, unsolicited suggestion 

@shahaan have you tried pen and paper?


linux rant, unsolicited suggestion 

@moiety Last I checked, it has been abandoned by the devs -- no update in thousands of years.

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