Dear Germany (re: vaccines) 

Please go ahead and donate the surplus vaccines.

We are in a pandemic; a global health crisis.

Countless millions of people have not received a single vaccine, while a reasonably large portion of your population has received both doses.

Do this now, before the excess doses go to waste.

Will Moderna et al sue you? Let them.

Deal with them in court, while millions of people get vaccinated and the world moves that much closer to ending the pandemic.

Be kind. ❤️

Dear Germany (re: vaccines) 

@shahaan @RegierungBW ich hoffe, ihr habt das gesehen. Bitte lasst uns das machen!

Dear Germany (re: vaccines) 

@shahaan Dear Germany, Please go ahead and donate the surplus vaccines. Obviously pay the manufacturers what you agreed in the contract, as that is the law, and governments breaking contracts is *bad*. Consider negotiating a better contract next time.

Dear Germany (re: vaccines) 

@dentangle That's a valid point, but contracts can be revised if both parties agree. Let's not allow Moderna and their competitors off the hook either. A clause that requires additional fees to be paid in case of surplus stocks being transferred to a third party after they are purchased and paid for is very much in bad faith, especially considering the circumstances.

Dear Germany (re: vaccines) 

@shahaan Sure, Moderna etc. could volunteer to give up money they are contractually obliged to, but why would they? That's like asking corporations to please volunteer to pay more tax. I'm generally very quick to point at corps being evil, but this is a case of government incompetence. The German govt stockpiled too much vaccine in haste and didn't read the contract terms. They're a govt, not some senile pensioner that's been scammed.

Dear Germany (re: vaccines) 

@dentangle Government and incompetence are synonymous, no doubt there. As for why, regarding Moderna and friends, it's simply a matter of putting lives before money interests. It's not like they haven't been paid fairly for the vaccines. Both are at fault for doing what they do best. Either way I would like to see those vaccines not go to waste. I don't care which of the two concedes.

Dear Germany (re: vaccines) 

@shahaan Yes, the vaccines simply must go to those that need them. What happens after that really doesn't matter.

As to why that clause is there, who knows. Seems fairly standard practice for a commerical contract, and may discourage stockpiling. If Germany hadn't ordered too much these vaccines would already be where they were needed. Looks like a PR disaster for both the govt and Moderna, but any attempt by Germany to avoid paying sets a dangerous precedent.

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