The poll to end all polls.

@schratze Just you wait. *plots and schemes to ruin Schratze’s next poll* :blob_disapproval:

joking, not serious 

@Stoori Respond to the poll, Stoori. Do it. Do it now.

@shahaan @Stoori @cadadr this is true and I do it Lüttje Lage style, with a small cup of espresso pouring into a big mug of tea before it all pours into my mouth

cursed drinks, alc 

@schratze @shahaan @Stoori @cadadr
(An U-Boot is when you take a shot of clear schnap(p)s and drop it into a pint of beer. An Atom-U-Boot, or nuclear submarine, is when you take a shot of beer and drop it into a pint of schnap(s)... of course, the latter is a highly theoretical contraption, requiring advanced alcohol mechanics and hyperresistant liver tissue)

cursed drinks, alc 

@anarchiv @schratze @Stoori @cadadr I recall hearing of something similar in my uni days called a jaegerbomb

cursed drinks, alc 

@shahaan @anarchiv @schratze @Stoori oh gosh jagermeister, i.e. fucking dish soap watered down with cough syrup. A cousin used to drink a lot of it so I ended up downing a few shots sometimes, when I was drunk enough to no longer really taste.

@shahaan @schratze @Stoori @cadadr "Leaked" is the right word, trying to drink from two different mugs simultaneously isn't easy and often causes spills

@shahaan @balrogboogie @schratze @Stoori there are forky pipettes for two people to drink out of one cup, so get ice tea and cold brew coffee, invert lovers' pipette, enjoy your abomina-- ahem, cocktail

@shahaan @balrogboogie @schratze @Stoori you are combining fruit stone juice with leaf juice thru a branch, your literally like a tree's roots with this genius contraption, it doesn't get more hipster than that

@cadadr @balrogboogie @schratze @Stoori hand craft the straw using artisanal glass made from fair trade sustainable silica

@shahaan @cadadr @balrogboogie @schratze sand grains picked and selected by hand, of course, while the pickers chant mantras that help them reconnect with mother earth

@shahaan @balrogboogie @schratze @Stoori @cadadr wait, y'all haven't invented drinking straws yet?

::drinking simultaneously from oat milk, h2o, soup, tea, kombucha, and coffee jugs with a double fistful of tubing that terminates in a snorkle mouthpiece::

@shahaan @schratze @Stoori @cadadr well it's specifically espresso with chai I think but overall yeah

@shahaan @schratze @Stoori @cadadr
The drink of the truly enlightened: pu'erh in one hand, espresso in the other

@babelcarp @shahaan @schratze @Stoori @cadadr It's very good stuff. I know it with espresso and shu and coconut milk, and no one can convince me it should be otherwise.

@tfb @shahaan @schratze @Stoori @cadadr I haven’t tried that formulation, but espresso + shu makes intuitive sense to me.

@Stoori @shahaan @schratze you're saying that way too rigorously, reeks of guilt to be honest. I'd just admit it if I were you, it's okay

@cadadr @shahaan @schratze weeeeelllll... it's not unheard of that i make coffee right after i've finished my morning tea. but it doesn't count if the coffee mixes up only with the aftertaste of tea in my mouth, right?

@Stoori @shahaan @schratze as a sage woman from Anatolia (my mom) says, "it all mixes up in the inside, so does it matter?"

@cadadr @Stoori @shahaan @schratze Reportedly my great-grandpa used to say that (as he ate dessert on the same plate he had used for lunch), but the tradition died in the family before my time.

@eldaking @cadadr @Stoori @shahaan @schratze
I've heard that one a lot as a kid when my parents were criticising my eating habits

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