Which Star Trek series has the best opening visual sequence?

Which Star Trek series has the best opening theme song?

Hmm I expected either DS9 or Voyager to win this one. Though my favourite is still the TOS theme. I mean, c’mon:

@shahaan Well, I got faith in my soul... or something.

@shahaan Never listened that closely when I skipped :D

@shahaan disappointed to not see ENT's Faith of the Heart here xD

@shahaan once they got rid of the whole post-9/11 storyline, it was quite a good Trek series. :)
Definitely wouldn't have minded a couple more series of the same quality as the last season. :)

@shahaan I wish I could forget TNG.

would love to experience that all fresh again. :)

@wolfie just poking fun at Enterprise, saying it’s not “real” Trek but I couldn’t care less about such sentiments outside of a joke really 🤷🏻‍♂️

@shahaan I get the impression that anything after someone's preferred trek isn't real trek 😂 I just watched up to Enterprise (and not including TOS) with my mum as a kid and haven't really been involved with fandom at all

@shahaan that's a surprise! I find the TNG theme music pretty annoying tbh. To my ears, it's downright hectic.

@shahaan I have to say, though... my favorite is the DS9 theme, although only in the older version. They rearranged it around Season 4 IIRC and sped it up a bit, and that totally ruined the majestic sparseness and spaciousness of the first version. I'll grant that it's not a super catchy melody, but that makes it even more interesting for me.

Also, low brass gets my every time.

@draco I enjoy the DS9 theme a lot as well, but I have a hard time deciding between that and Voyager. My favourite happens to be TOS though 😌

@shahaan yeah it's a close one between Voyager and DS9.

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