relationship angst 

my ex-gf finally moved out of the house today and I'm feeling fragile
I was looking forward to seeing my domme and her partner to forget about shit for a while, but they were supposed to pick me up 2.5 hours ago and they're at home having basically the same fight I had with my ex for months

so uhhhhh

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watching wrestling with a @shams_eltantawi

Yunamon just screaming a battle cry, going ape shit


Yunamon missing a tackle and charging headfirst into a wall

"also mood"

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Ah, yes, young rogue, you must travel to the deepest level of this dungeon, and return with The Amulet of Yobmef!

a moment of silence for every great producer who never blew up because they gave their beats to shitty rappers

I have a new album out
It's got songs about Rojava, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, and a very good dog
Please listen, I worked very hard on it


sex, injury 

my mom kept saying during the argument that I didn't consider her side of things enough and I guess she was right
I had not considered that, halfway into an extremely tense tear-filled conversation with my mom about boundaries, I might hear that she was at one point worried I had been LITERALLY FUCKED TO DEATH

I couldn't even stay mad (5/5)

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sex, injury 

specifically they thought I was near-dying because my ass ruptured during something with both my gf and another friend who was there
and they took every attempt to explain the situation as further evidence of the coverup

apparently my dad had had a similar accident when the two of them were younger? so that was their extremely specific assumption (4/?)

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sex, injury 

1 my parents were briefly convinced that I was dying because gf said I was "nonresponsive" before correcting herself to "nonverbal"
And that 2 by the time I was chill enough to text and talk on the phone, my parents had decided that I must be trying to cover up some bizarre sex accident because I said things weren't that bad and they didn't need to drive an hour to my house for it (3/?)

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sex, injury 

so a month ago there was a big spiraling blow up fight with my parents that started with a toilet overflowing, me panicking, and my gf calling to ask where the mop was
it was a fairly normal argument about boundaries and wanting them to have less control over my life that was only barely about the toilet thing
I stopped talking to them for a month over that fight


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sex, injury 

y'all my parents were convinced I got fucked to death (1/?)

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in the mood to get choked out on a girls dick atm, hbu

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“Abolish the police” does not mean “let the bourgeois state oppress us differently”.

when I was very young I thought the NAACP and the NCAA were the same
I never really questioned why a college basketball league was so involved in civil rights lawsuits, I was just like "yeah, that's america for you"

suicidal ideation, ska punk 

a better place, a better time doesn't need to be six and a half minutes just as a song
but I give it a pass because it's long enough that the worst of my impulse to do something stupid will have mostly passed by the time it's over

oh you're antifa? name five games you regret skipping out on to go to a protest that turned out to be some liberal bullshit

la frustration perpétuelle de expliquant que je vraiment crois les choses que je dit que je crois 🙄

welp I wrote uh
a one-player poem?
I'm not usually this earnestly religious in public so idk

ready to be out of the usa asap, but I don't want to just leave my friends if a civil war breaks out

sex, kink, love, yearning 

also why do people keep asking me to dom?
what about me says domme energy?
i'm tiny and i dress to look tinier, i constantly talk about wanted to get beat up, i literally have the word "BRAT" etched into my skin in big pink letters, what more could i possibly do to communicate my intentions?

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