wholesome BDSM, spanking mention 

je commence mon premier emploi en une semaine
j'ai peur que je vais avoir un crise d'anxiété et simplement pas aller

reconnaissant pour la pro wrestling, c’est l’une des seules choses vraiment joyeuses de ma vie plus

comment obtenir des muscles sans quitter mon lit?

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no one:

brits: oi you see that bird? she's well fit innit? really like to give her a bit of how's your father

Et octobre vient de passer en coup d'vent
Une autre année où je n'ai pas pris le temps
De voir l'automne s'effeuiller tranquillement


I hope the canadian butch who head-butted me at a sleater kinny show in 2015 knows what an inspiration she is

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if you refer to a woman's female friends as her "girlfriends" then you need to commit to that bad and confusing decision and call a man's male friends his "boyfriends"

the straights need to stop saying "daddy" tbh
that was our word

lewd, but wholesome 

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every Friday is honestly like
"I could either bus 2 hours to mosque to get misgendered by people I know and male fail with people I don't or I could stay in bed and just sit with the crushing guilt of being a shitty Muslim, they both sound so great, maybe I'll just flip a coin"

mon dieu, donne-moi le confidence d'un homme d'age moyen qui écrit sur les jeux vidéo pour télévision

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rojava, guerre 

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plato was once humiliated by diogenes when diogenes tricked plato into saying “what is diogenes?” and diogenes responded, “diogenes NUTS”

a friend’s suicide attempt 

a friend’s suicide attempt 

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when will we address the true divide in the queer community: people who keep vampire hours vs people who keep grandma hours

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