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My gender is deprecated! :blob_cat_flamethrower:
Will be removed in next release! :blob_cat_giggle:

i am nonbinary, which means, instead of being a boy or a girl, i'm exhausted

This petition to the UK Parliament looks interesting: “Make Asexuality a Protected Characteristic under the Equality Act 2010”

I have no stakes in this as I’m not in the UK, but it would be nice to have some legal precedent, somewhere in the world, that explicitly mentions #asexuality as a protected category. Hopefully it would inspire similar acts in other countries.

[Recherche contacts médicaux]

Yo, je pensais attendre encore au moins 6 mois avant de commencer un parcours THS, mais mon corps me fait comprendre que ça va pas être tenable…

Si vous avez des contacts de spécialistes:
- endocrino
- psy
- dermato (calvitie)

Vers Grenoble (éventuellement Lyon ou Chambéry)
Si possible safe avec des personnes trans pas forcément très binaires 😅

N'hésitez à me contacter en MP si besoin. 🔏
Boost apprécié :boosts_ok:

selfie no ec, boosts okay 

feeling powerful
but not powerful enough to tidy my room

anyway this was the topology meme that cursed me i have no fucking idea what this means

@AgathaSorceress your gender is not compatible with the latest version of minecraft :/

my parents asking me why i need to buy this shark plushie from ikea, when what we came for is a desk and some drawers

feminine men aren't less male

women can express femininity without it being less "real" than masculine women

trans people aren't inherently less their gender than cis people

masculinity isn't inherently "better" no matter what your gender is

just do what you're comfy with and let everyone else do what they're comfy with and don't be a judgy jackoff about it

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pros: metaprogramming
cons: metaprogramming

why would you even put microchip trackers into a vaccine, if the adtech industry already exists?

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