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I'm Shubham. A soon to be 32 year old trans*, queer feminist from Delhi, India. I'm new to Mastodon and I haven't used Twitter very actively in the past. I was looking for a safe queer and feminist friendly instance to join and found Unfortunately I don't speak or read French, but I can always google translate. Looking forward to a great time ahead...

Why are indian men so obsessed with "Love in the times of corona"? 

Cis gay men should think thrice before dishing out unsolicited advice to trans people on... well, anything.

[extremely hetero voice] imagine letting someone know you care about them

i can't believe the writers on big bang theory figured this out and then kept doing the show for 8 more seasons anyway

Rappel que si jamais vous me trouvez gênante, collante ou whatever je préfère largement que vous me le disiez franchement plutôt que d'essayer de m'éviter ou quoi.

Sorry, "dude". I'm not running a fucking motel service. Get a place of your own, if you're so damn horny.


The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019 and the Surrogacy Regulation Bill, 2019 reinforce the idea of family as a patriarchal, heterosexual and casteist institution and fail to account for other models of "chosen families'"and intimacies that co-exist in India.


in the ai revolution i will be spared because i faved botposts


@Memeghnad Do you think that in India anti - authoritarian stems from our collective hatred towards the so called elders in family and society who think they know everything?

No. Wait. I didn't sign up for this reality. Can I exchange it for the other one?

yeah, I'm genderfuid. sometimes I wanna awoo... but other times I want to nyaa

To devise a repeating reminder for the brain, to periodically remind oneself to "Love yourself!" instead of seeking that love from everyone else as some form of validation of one's existence...

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