proposing a rule 0 for promoting your work on the fediverse (317 words): 

The fediverse hates marketing, hates brands, and hates corporations, and is pretty hypersensitive to anything that feels like any of those things. Posting pre-composed #marketing #messages with #All #The #PotentiallyRelevant #Hashtags is probably going to get your account deleted as spam rather than achieve what you want.

Marketing your brand is not the same as promoting your work, however. Businesses advertise. People self-promote. And you'll have to be careful about not /looking/ like advertising - see "hypersensitive" - but if you are an individual posting about what you do, that is /night and day/ different.

People behave differently than businesses. People follow accounts based on interest, not based on rewarding engagement with more engagement in order to increase the organic reach of their posts. People interact with others based on their thoughts and feelings and priorities, not based on rewarding engagement with &c. People talk about stuff that has nothing to do with their income because it interests them, not because it draws traffic to their feed.

And people self-promote. People say, "I posted a song to my Patreon" and attach a link. People say, "I'm a freelance technical writer looking for gigs" and attach their contact info. People say, "My video game releases on Friday, so if you do streams or let's plays, DM me for a free promotional copy." People say, "I'm doing a podcast on hardware hacking and I'd like to get someone from outside the US to talk about their experience." People talk about what they're doing with the hope that others will care, and people talk about what they do for income in hopes that those interested can hear about it and help sustain that income, and people ask for help from anyone willing to give it. People self-promote.

So that's rule 0. The fediverse hates marketing and loves people. Be a people.


proposing a rule 0 for promoting your work on the fediverse (317 words): 


Thank you for saying this!

re: rule 0 for promoting your work on the fediverse 

@shubhamboseroy Glad to be of service!

One of my friends has been doing the independent-artist social-media hustle and didn't share in my immediate, instinctive, and total hatred of those "inserts what it thinks your name is into the subject line" spam emails, so I've been spending a /while/ thinking about what I'd say to them about marketing on fedi if they asked me.

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