Navigating the world as Aroace 

His reaction: „you‘re just not through with your transition. Once you have settled as a man you will experience sexual attraction“.
You see how fragile masculinity goes hand in hand with the association to be sexually attracted and active?? It‘s hell. This intersection as an aroace transmasc person is hell.

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Navigating the world as Aroace 

It‘s quite telling that to unbeknown people who are not part of my queer circle, I outed myself as bi just as a pure simplicity. It‘s not like these people would aspire a commited relationship with me anyways. That‘s how alienating it is to be Aroace. I can‘t even out myself securely as that. And believe me - a naive younger self of me tried to out myself as Aroace towards a straight allo dya cis dude.

Idk if my request is too specific but I just want to talk about past Pokémon games and why I liked them and my favourite Pokémon and why I like them idk.

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I wish there was like a retiring thing for former Pokémon fans where we just all go on about what we liked about our favourite generation and region and just tell each other about lore and stuff? Well actually I plan to write a fanfic about a certain region with a friend bc it would fit so perfectly and aaaah. Also: the first and second Pokémon mistery dungeon was great and also Pokémon Colosseum.

Vid games, music 

Can we talk about how absolutely beautiful the composed music of Kingdom Hearts is? From the theme songs that are written and sung by Utada Hikaru to the various themes and battle music composed by Yoko Shinomura??

Discussing self labels as a trans person 

I think that this take is spicy but I choose to call myself boy as long as I want to because I was never allowed to be a boy in my formative years and also I am nonbinary / agender in a way that I will never be a man. My gender is masc-leaning and man-ish but simply put the label „man“ never seems to describe me or fit me even. I‘m a nonbinary boy and that‘s okay. I‘m allowed to call myself that.

I forgot to mention that I am also really fond of the Good Omens tv Show. Because particularly it just shows perfectly a queer & non-binary qpr. The way the characters Aziraphale and Crowley are written and also the acting points to Aroace and I love everything about that bc it shows that love comes in all forms and it doesn’t have to be sexual and romantic. Yes, allo gays this toot is sponsered by my spite bc there are no canon Aroace gay characters in shows (yet).

Well I am back to my hyperfixation on Freddie Mercury so I have to toot this. I officially criticise that there is not one single movie that I know of where a villain gets introduced with the song „Mr Bad guy“. This song is perfect for a dramatic Theater kid villain. Or a scene where the villain kind of gets up and puts on their bad guy clothing.

For me it‘s always a good day to praise Freddie Mercury and criticise Dr. Brian May. I take no shit.

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Freddie Mercury on his single album: „I‘m gonna hire an orchestra because that matches with what I was hoping for sound wise“
Brian May, after his death: „I‘m gonna edit all the orchestra out and put in my guitar and it will be an epic Queen rendition that we will republish“
You can‘t ask a dead man for consent. /stares especially at the song Made in Heaven

Ich genieße das einfach hier nichts produktives tun zu müssen sondern einfach vor mich hin existieren und ranten.

I really enjoy just being here without anything specific to do, to just exist and do a few rants and talking about things that I like.

Also not to undermine A Crown of Candy but that season was very anxiety inducing to watch because of the whole seriousness of the setting and the brutality of politics so yeah. It is a good season but it‘s just very emotional and mentally challenging.

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Just when I thought that I couldn‘t be more wowed by a setting and the story of a Season, a Starstruck Odyssee strikes back. I remember that I have been taken by Fantasy High, The unsleeping City and the Seven to another Dimension but boy oh boy the whole development of the intrepid heroes is just so good. I have seen every season of d20 with the intrepid heroes and in this newest Season the chaos is even more enhanced and it‘s just so wild and cool and satisfying to watch.

Since I am technically a newbie here (had an account since 2019 but I never really stayed ) additionally to content notes, is it also usual here to use tone tags? I for me would need tone indicators for sarcasm etc. so I wanted to ask whether that is also a thing that established here.

I probably would need more research apart from my memory of visiting castles. Like idk maybe I need to learn a bit about the architecture of it. It just fascinates me.

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I guess

I want to build an entire Castle complex in a Minecraft save. Maybe even so detailed and complex that it could be used for a DnD scenario. Why? I have seen some German castles and I just love the combination of Elements. Like from Outside it looks like one Huuuge thing but inside it‘s a fusion of so many fundaments and buildings it is often built into a mountain so you have plenty of space for secret passages and just idk my eyes go sparkly :blob_cat_aww:

Opening twitter: *getting a stress reaction within 30 seconds of scrolling*

Opening mastodon: *cooling down a bit*

I‘d like to edit Freddie Mercury fan cams where you can see him in all his glory and the ultimate goal: to achieve that everyone admires him and that he will never be forgotten 😭.

Capslock, shitpost 

Maaamaaaaaaa AAAAWOOOOOOOO 🐺

It‘s funny that I can vaguely understand the posts that are in French but I couldn’t answer or hold any conversation in that language.

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