Comment Google se moque de la CNIL. Google viole la directive "ePrivacy" pour vous surveiller sans consentement. Sanctionné, il ne change pas

Hé les gens, arrêtez tout ! On peut s'amuser avec un questionnaire LREM à destination des adhérant pas du tout sécurisé !

Hésitez pas à mettre pleins de réponses avec BOURGEOIS dedans ! 😈

Linux pinephone. 

I just booted my pine phone with the ltest version of .
I am so happy i made the decision to 1 get a 2- get tht os. I am far from being a techie but theses tools reallt make me want to learn more . And seing what the dev communities of each project are making. Someone even thought of developping. AN app to turn a phone into an iso intaller. I am in awe.

Trauma, queer ableism 

I resent how often I find myself talking to queers about trans shit and the minute I start also talking about my disabilities I get blank stares and stammers "everyone goes through things like that." Fuck you, you definitely haven't

Hey, pssst. Do you wanna hear a polyphonic singing freight train? I thought so. Here.

Les temps sont durs pour les libertés. Avec nos moyens et nos énergies, nous tentons, à @LaQuadrature, de rendre le futur meilleur et de nous opposer au monde sécuritaire que l'on veut nous imposer.
Et pour cela, nous avons besoin de vous. #LQDoN

The Atlas of Surveillance has more than 6,100 data points on police use of automated license plate readers, drones, body-worn cameras, cell-site simulators, and other technologies. Take a deep dive into one of those in our report on Real-Time Crime

Think police cameras stop at identifying faces? You’re wrong. Hair color, accessories, and clothing all are automatic identifiers for new disturbing video analytics tools.

natural dye 

also i did add some alun to the pot when i put in back on heat.

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natural dye 

So I thought I would throw some coton knickers in to see how they turned out. I put the pot back on the fire and a few minutes later here' s how it looked like.
( the liquid is a bit more silvery IRL)

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natural dye 

I had a lovely surprise this morning : so yesterday I was planing on eating boiled jerusalem artichokes and turnes out i didn' t and i let them sit in the water - overnight. and here' s what happen when you do that :

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