And then I realized: Either he was offended or he wasn't. Either he'll tell me or he won't. If he does, I'll apologize for the way it offended and avoid that behavior in the future. If he doesn't, I'll keep moving forward, doing my best to listen to Black readers and audiences of my work anyway.

Like, I'm in this for the long haul of anti-racism and that means living with the discomfort of knowing I'm racist, that I can do racist things, owning up to it, and trying to be better. 2/2

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symbols matter
it matters what we adore
and reward !

mads’ thread about certain people (read: amab queer ppl) being viewed as predatory for simply existing around children, or for wearing leather/PVC around children, brings up a really important topic not often discussed:

not discussing sex and sexuality is actively harmful to children’s development.

I teach children about sex and sexuality for a living. That is my full-time job. I am a sex educator, and I spent 40hrs a week discussing sex with underage people. Let’s talk about it.

copy/pasting og post bc it's been a minute and risky can be weird about older posts sometimes:

hey. I'm sorry I know I asked for help before with groceries but my job isn't paying me anymore while I have to be on leave because I'm immunocompromised

they never even told me they would cut me off it's weird and they go about how there's no penalty but they're not doing shit for folks

absolutely no obligation but if y'all can spare anything during this anything helps

venmo: @Chryslin-Robinson
cashapp: $mercurythedragon

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The sunflower is a word that the French meaning has a greater elegance or beauty than the English version. turn with or to the sun instead of flower like the sun

Le tournesol est un mot que le sens français a une plus grande élégance ou beauté que la version anglaise. tourner avec ou vers le soleil au lieu de fleur comme le soleil

Hospitals, doctors, and insurers can now deny care to transgender patients.

This is not related to the recent supreme court ruling. This is a modification to the ACA act, section 1557.

RT @icrict
Who will pay for post COVID-19 recovery? @Jayati1609 says we need multicoloured new deal based on progressive tax system. Download @icrict new report here:

RT WeAreOpenCoop: We've been working on 'The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Online Meetings' - a free email-based course:

4/7 habits are complete and we're looking for sponsorship to finish it off! Get in touch if interested.

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#Podcast | Economist Jayati Ghosh speaks on the ideas presented in Naomi Klein's book 'The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism' and the Indian government's actions during the #COVID19 pandemic

- @samzsays in conversation with @Jayati1609

1918 flu 

look I think the futures gonna be ok


because im gonna make it ok ok?


"Satire is meant to ridicule power. If you are laughing at people who are hurting, it is not satire, it is bullying."

Y’all: Don’t loot Target because someone has to pay for that🤧.

The CEO of Target: I completely support the protests and am literally a billionaire. I could rebuild those stores ten times over.

Y’all: OK, well it’s not fair bc what about Lee Rigby?

Lee Rigby’s family: We do not support the use of Lee’s case to silence the Black Lives Matter protests as we support them and the two aren’t comparable as one is an extremist attack and one is police brutality.

Y’all at a party or on the beach: OK, well what about the infection risk?

Disease experts and health experts: *write an open letter to the public supporting the protests as they say “racism is a much deadlier and long lasting health epidemic than covid 19”*.

Y’all: The cases in America are already spiking.

Actual doctors: The time for symptoms to develop is 7-14 days so that spike is actually because of your parties, beach days, and protests that you couldn’t get a haircut.

Hey, don't forget to stay hydrated! It's hot as hell in a lot of places again, so make sure to take care of yourself and keep an eye out for others

Hydratez-vous ! Il fait chaud encore comme l'infer, alors prenez soin de vous et, comme vous pouvez, les autres

re: The Pulse shooting 

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@red I like @darius hometown fork and manifesto at The goal is to have a private federation of networks with similar code of conduct.

A day to be fierce. A day to be drawing. A day for boundaries. Because lines can be creative.

Came across this article sort of round about, not even looking for it. Kind of fitting for this here mastadon ongoing topics.

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"We should care less about whether something is centralized or decentralized than whether it is accountable. An accountable system is responsive to both the common good for participants and the needs of minorities; it sets consistent rules and can change them when they don't meet users needs" Nathan Schneider

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