Biden just needs to announce he is dropping out of race, and get the f off the stage

Dang...just heard a clip of bernie-am i an old white man?- on democracy now...dude sounded like trump! The way he spoke...

I really appreciate some of the thought, knowledge, and care that is shown here. Big shout out to play viscious as a lot that I value comes from folks from there or folks interacting with them! 🦄

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It's no use talking about your 'intersections' when really you're pointing out identity/political markers, and sometimes those overlap and sometimes they don't.

It takes a careful nuanced understanding topped with a lot of humility to understand where as an individual you are. This isn't abt 'oppression olympics' a term I despise bc its just used to silence.

But the fact is there are oppressed ppl who structurally are more oppressed. That's how oppression & suppression work.

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Hotel O'higgins: Mientras el intendente Jorge Martínez dice que "esta todo normal (...) solo un pequeño grupo está causando desordenes..."
Martínez descartó suspender el festival de Viña del Mar #Vina2020 #SinJusticiaNoHayFestival #HotelO'higgins


white comfort 

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us pol, cynicism, nihilism 

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In the past few weeks my internal dialogue has shifted from 'I hope I don't make anyone uncomfortable' to 'I hope I make the right people uncomfortable.'

if i take a min...

sometimes a longgg, lºng min,

listen and practice care with the community i am collectively participating...wondering what belonging means...

is my perspective being shared by others in the community or is my perspective conflicting with a differing shared perspective...

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Sometimes i push a certain perspective or course of action,

sometimes this results in pushback i did not expect,

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One observation is that people, once they've apologized, expect you to forget that something ever happened. That's not how this works.

sometimes you gotta block

clean that tl

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Excellent rules of the School of Life:
1. Accept imperfection
2. Share vulnerability
3. Know your Insanity
4. Accept your idiocy
5. You are good enough
6. Overcome romanticism
7. Despair cheerfully
8. Transcend yourself

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the most ridiculous and frivolous thing ive ever blocked someone for was saying "folx"


Thanks for some learning and inspiration to get my self education and organizing going.

Been trying to explain those intersections to friends and not quite able to convey some of the nuance.

why do i get distracted by all this petty drama

When the personal life mirrors larger social and cultural themes

Manage (create) a crisis so we can destract ourselves from actual needs/issues

Went to a basketball game and somehow ended up obsessed with the robot camera above the basket. Just kept thinking of some weaponized version being used by military. The robot camera tracked the ball and would move so quickly...mega creepy robot

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