Swearing, anger 

Well done fuckos, well done. You did it! You drove off some of the best people I've ever met in my long years online.
Your ridiculous, fragile, stunted egos must be protected at all costs I guess, because you don't have anything else going for you.
I'd invite you all to take a step back & consider your life, but I know you aren't capable of self reflection. Fuck off I to the sun forever.

Samba da Utopia
J. Silva

Se o mundo ficar pesado
Eu vou pedir emprestado
A palavra POESIA

Se o mundo emburrecer
Eu vou rezar pra chover

Se o mundo andar pra trás
Vou escrever num cartaz
A palavra REBELDIA

Se a gente desanimar
Eu vou colher no pomar
A palavra TEIMOSIA

Se acontecer afinal
De entrar em nosso quintal
A palavra tirania

Pegue o tambor e o ganza
Vamos pra rua gritar
A palavra UTOPIA


Good afternoon friends! Finally a break from another days-long downpour, a welcome & much-needed one. Normally quiet streams are foam-flecked umber, roaring & hissing, lapping hungrily over banks. My walk was curtailed since most of the paths I might take are quagmires or temporary ankle-deep waterways in their own right.

Still sluggish, but easier to string thoughts together & to move my body.

May we find solidarity & compassion w/in & around us today, & be willing to expand our imaginations!

Good afternoon friends! Fractured, spectacular sky today, great isolate avalanches & spires of foreboding iron-grey cloud in a far-flung wilderness of blue. Brightness set deep, succulent reds of autumn ablaze & summoned a few grasshoppers out of hiding in the meadows, the music thin & sputtering in diminished chorus.

Going slow, savouring the ease & mild, well earned aches of rest day.

May we recognise & celebrate the value of stillness, of listening carefully & learning before action today!

there's a full moon in Aries on Thor's day, the 1st of October (a second blue moon will follow on Halloween)

this will be a good time to summon your righteous rage and direct it at those who oppose the will of the people.

Mars will be at home in Aries as well. get pissed, my loves. consume those who would harm you.

Of course, in my headcanon elder sister also taught Mulan riding and archery because what nomad woman would go without such essential skills, if she was able? "Ride like the wind and fight like a girl/ Never give in, stand against the world!"

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There is so much happening in the world that enrages and saddens me that I can do nothing about. I'm trying to throw myself into what I can do, which is learn, create, and share.

Did I know *anything* about Ghana's covid response before I read that article in my last boost? No, I did not, but I should have known because they did an amazing job, so here you go:


With the breath we share, it is not sickness. But life

that poll + meta 

@ArtistMarciaX I’m still laughing about how they rushed in to show they are exactly the racists we think they are.

Fedi never misses an opportunity to show why it’s garbage hahahaha

dear tech geniuses & media, can you please check on your mates and their enthusiasm about what they are building for fascism … it is sickening

Oh, and since some people have asked about it, the #biodiversity video series I'm working on is going live! No English subtitles, but you may be able to get the gist of it from the animation. The first episode is about how the covid-19 pandemic is likely caused by habitat loss, and how we are going through a massive extinction event. youtube.com/watch?v=lWvNGsxiDk

“One of the ways that those in power are going to push back on the movement to defund the police is to say that we need police to keep women safe. And what they really mean by that is always white women. Black women have been calling this out for a long time, and it’s beyond time for masses of white women to join them and say clearly: the police do not keep us safe.” – Elisabeth Long, Catalyst Project

wow, 30min in… ‘women had tremendous legal powers… no men could vote for war’ #indigenousrules

... that makes so much sense

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“(most) white guys were pretty reactionary, they always sold us out” & “there was no time, when the white working class wasn’t racist and pro empire, how did this happen?"

J. Sakai "Settlers: Mythology of the White Proletariat” rare interview

🐦🔗: twitter.com/poemproducer/statu

"The path of the Revolution begins with destruction. However, it is not destruction for the sake of destruction but destruction for the sake of creation. Those who know not how to create do not know how to destroy, and those who know not how to destroy do not know how to create. Creation and destruction are only differences in form; in spirit destruction is creation. For instance we seek to destroy the force of Japan first to destroy the rule by a foreign race. Why? There is an autocracy of a foreign race over Korea, and while under such rule Korea is not in its authentic and distinct state. Therefore we destroy foreign rule to discover the authentic Korea."

- Shin Chaeho, "Declaration of the Chosun Revolution"

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massive firnament 🌌 over here ✨💫🌟⭐️⚡️💥☄️🌪🌗 milkyway aliving ... complex organismic dimensiality, wth

It is a planting day today, need to go thru some seeds

composing for #extinctionstories for the Lord Howe Island stick insect that is unique cause their 6 legs move completely independently of each other, and are not operated by a centralised control system. ;O #extinctionroom

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