“One of the ways that those in power are going to push back on the movement to defund the police is to say that we need police to keep women safe. And what they really mean by that is always white women. Black women have been calling this out for a long time, and it’s beyond time for masses of white women to join them and say clearly: the police do not keep us safe.” – Elisabeth Long, Catalyst Project

wow, 30min in… ‘women had tremendous legal powers… no men could vote for war’ #indigenousrules

... that makes so much sense

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“(most) white guys were pretty reactionary, they always sold us out” & “there was no time, when the white working class wasn’t racist and pro empire, how did this happen?"

J. Sakai "Settlers: Mythology of the White Proletariat” rare interview

🐦🔗: twitter.com/poemproducer/statu

"The path of the Revolution begins with destruction. However, it is not destruction for the sake of destruction but destruction for the sake of creation. Those who know not how to create do not know how to destroy, and those who know not how to destroy do not know how to create. Creation and destruction are only differences in form; in spirit destruction is creation. For instance we seek to destroy the force of Japan first to destroy the rule by a foreign race. Why? There is an autocracy of a foreign race over Korea, and while under such rule Korea is not in its authentic and distinct state. Therefore we destroy foreign rule to discover the authentic Korea."

- Shin Chaeho, "Declaration of the Chosun Revolution"

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massive firnament 🌌 over here ✨💫🌟⭐️⚡️💥☄️🌪🌗 milkyway aliving ... complex organismic dimensiality, wth

It is a planting day today, need to go thru some seeds

composing for #extinctionstories for the Lord Howe Island stick insect that is unique cause their 6 legs move completely independently of each other, and are not operated by a centralised control system. ;O #extinctionroom


Made the apple cake. Very tasty, added extra Cinnamon and pinch of salt. Used vanilla coconut yoghurt...plain is prob better
Mmmm! Thanks for recipe it was a hit

#PSA How to blur your house on Google Street View (and why you should)
A little privacy goes a long way.

Read in Mashable:

It's like the 1789 allover again. ZOOM is our Bastille and lined up on the platform to be publicly executed are those elitists who rode on the backs of the underclass for far too long. And who's that executioner? An angry black woman? Wielding a gigantic double bladed axe, Named Social Justice Wind? Instead of beheading heads, the reputation of the elite ends up in the catcher's basket, all aglitter with sponsorships and view count.

Should write a book and call it Modern Defrocking.

Why stop at just the whole administration, I need to impeach myself too.

bad usa joke,not about insects @sivy@playvicious.social 

Did not see that many, even though it was a farmer market in the suburbs!

Why am I both a lesbian and a mushroom lover ?

I love to get mushy

tfw, you disturb a hornet nest, get stung a few times and trying to get away from the swarm and you realize there are still a bunch on your clothes

Idea: Blackipedia. Exactly like wikipedia except you have to be black in order to edit articles. It will start with me independently verifying people until it gets big enough then there will be a permission level for accounts of people who are allowed to approve other folks for article editing.

Unexpected delight in the morning: Pale yellow leaves on a croton plant in my garden.

being on an international instance where north americans, and esp white americans are the minority is great tho tbh. i get exposed to the thinking and opinions of more cultures and its really eye opening

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I have hope that collectively we can learn how to use a mask properly and also know when. so basic, so difficult

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