yearning, care kink 

I get so much blissful pleasure from taking care of my sweeties. Like yes. Let me cook you a tasty meal and infuse some tea for your upset tummy and draw you a bath with tea tree and lavender and candles and massage your aching body while I wash you clean and then wrap you up in warm blankets and feed you desert while I sing to you. This is exactly what I long for. 💜

painting, singing, MCR 

Had lots of fun yesterday 💜

romantic, painting, gf 

Can’t wait to paint sunsets on the wall with my sweetheart 💗

Please boost if it’s okay to befriend you, ask questions, ask for advice, rant, vent, let something off your chest, or just have a nice chat.

I'm an animal in bed, in the sense that I love heated blankets and scritches and if you give me brushing I'll love u

Video Game Music, DMC3 

My sweetie is playing Devil May Cry and I can’t help but laugh because the whole soundtrack sounds like my ol band Ferrum Dei. I just picture Zebu writhing on the floor screeching while I play lead using a power drill and Wes rocking beautifully in the distance and I’m howling.

selfie, cute video, meee 

The sun came out for a moment to play with the cool breeze, so very soothing 💟✨

alcohol mention, mental illness, recovery 

I think it’s been about 2 months?? straight now without drinking an entire bottle of wine every week. And I just tried to drink again and my acid reflux immediately kicked in and made me stop + I don’t feel like I HAVE to drink to cope when I have a PTSD flashback or anxiety attack

undies selfie, buttsssss, van 

Finished carving out the plywood for the new subfloor. It should be done tomorrow! I’ll post progress/process pics then. In the meantime. Here’s my butt. 💜

Nude, enby, they/them femme 

Waking up next to this goblin always brings me such joy 💜 what an incredible year ✨you make me laugh and smile more than I knew I could every day.

nudity, ec, t4t, boosts welcome! 

Last year when my hair matched the trees 🌲 Maybe I’ll go back to green this summer? Who knows~ 💚

selfie, eye contact, gf singing in bg 💗 

Purple haired pixie babe, feeling so blissful lately 🥰

mutual aid update, boosts appreciated 

Update Day 2


Thank you all who have helped boost and donate so far!

If you can, please consider sharing this post to help me recoup my losses due to discrimination by PayPal. $ goes towards healthcare & recovery expenses, and for helping me move out of the this city to more affordable housing.

{‪ #mutualaid #transcrowdfund #disabilitycrowdfund @mutualaid #lgbtq #disabled #queer #trans #nonbinary #queerart #disabledartist #disabled #sexworker }

cold intolerance, personal 

My cold sensitivity means: throws on blanket, throws on another blanket, throws on one more blanket then sits directly in front of the heater 🥶

kink adj, im posting this on the wrong account but whatever 

also like
indulging someones kink even though youre not personally into it (if youre comfy of course)????? that shits cute as fuck??????? watching someone get super super into something??? is *extremely* good shit imo??

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weed, smoking, 420, me 

Hey, you 💖 Here’s a cute non-binary femme in the clouds ☁️

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