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Lapis is definitely a template for where I am in my life these days. My partner and I also share a very Ruby/Sapphire connection. I’m also in a very post-character-arc Catra place in my life. I think I just relate to cartoons better than reality these days.

Anyways hello. I’m also cute. 💖

Selfies, Adventure Time 

My partner and I in the car heading to Vancouver yesterday. We are totally PB and Marcelline.

Hey babes.

Been a little quiet, not intentional. A lot of folks haven’t made the move here yet so I still have two Twitter accounts to chat to everyone. And here. Facebook. Instagram. Discord. It’s a lot. I love this place. Hoping to spend more time and click with some of you. Sweet dreams babes. Pleasant sleeps. 💖🌙

There's a lot of bad stuff about the UK but on the other hand they have a train station called this

For those (in earlier timezones) celebrating it, happy Catradora kiss day :blobcatpat:

🎶 "Where, where, where are you now?"

An old piece I still love, drawn to "Six Feet Under" by Deap Vally.
#MastoArt #FurryArt

There was a podcast platform I saw someone talking about on here that was open source, and integrated with the fediverse, but I can’t find the same thing in a Google search or on here again. I saw it a few days ago and it’s gone.

Does anyone know or remember what I’m talking about? Or did I just dream it? Totally possible. I’m a space case.

M.E. Awareness Day 

ah, M.E. Awareness Day crept up on me again. i've been receiving emails from the M.E. Association about it, and was kind of wanting to participate in some way (I have M.E.) but one thing about having M.E. is that it makes it significantly difficult to participate in things. please take a look at the #MEAwarenessDay tag on twitter to read about people's experiences with this disease.

Meme, Trans Body Image, SFW 

When I lived as a guy, I was deeply ashamed of my body. I was very thin, and people would tell me I should be grateful and that they’d love to have my body.

Transitioning has been amazing, partly because for the first time in my life, I have been able to gain weight. I’m now a chubby mom-bod chapstick lesbian, and I love that. My curves give me such euphoria.

I just wanna be Laurel Lightfoot from Onward. “Pixar mom with a dumptruck ass” are my goals.

CW Selfie, Eye Contact 

Went to the sea by our place and my partner took this photo of me. I don’t remember ever looking this happy.

I hope Elon Musk moves to a colony on the sun.

We've been trying to reach you about your girlfriend's extended warranty.

Rule #1 for communicating with landlords.

Never EVER do phone calls unless they're recorded on YOUR end.

Rule #2

Keep RECORDS. Every text, every email, every paper document, every-single-thing.

Rule #3

Show those records to a lawyer if you think you've been wronged. (You probably have)

Rule #4

IF you can. Change the locks on your apt and don't give the landlord a copy. (Not legal in many places)

Rule #5

ALWAYS... and I mean AL-WAYS, consider your landlord part of the fascist system.

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