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i know its late (or technically early) but my favourite thing about this weather is that snow always dampens sound. when i can live on my own, i want to live where there's little noise or at least be able to soundproof my home

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also i painted Tux on the back of the laptop because i thought it would be a cheeky and nerdy move to dismantle the capitalist origin of the machine and simultaneously show support for Linux (because hey im a Linux user after all)

friggin fireworks really do be scaring and upsetting me and all my neurodivergent friends all across the nation

how are we doing,

( comment se sent tout le monde, ? )

its a "lets listen to Tiny Moving Parts and cry" kind of night

un ours pernicieux risque d'empoisonner ses propres baies

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@wxcafe Wow. You can almost run Chrome and still have some RAM left with that.

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sleep? oh, you mean tossing and turning unable to get comfortable until the sun comes up?

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Anecdotal observation: police had become scarcer in my town as the economic situation began to affect city budgets. Last week, I noticed a marked decline in patrol cars during my shift.

Today, I'm seeing even more than usual. I'm talking Mardi Gras-levels of police activity, nowhere near downtown.

If my tiny city is doing this, I'm sure others are. Stay safe and be careful.

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Curfews are a great example of how law works in this country. They don't create the curfew because they think it will prevent a behavior from happening, they create the curfew because they want a legal reason to throw you in jail and attack you. they create laws as justification to target specific people they hate.

there is no longer such a thing as online privacy. all ive been wanting to do is gut out everything and hide. im scared all the time and im shaking and im so scared

vous avez « taï- » votre dernier « -aut »

salut à tous, j'aime vraiment mon partenaire ,,,, iel sont si bellllle !!! 😔👉🏻👈🏻💛💛

they smell so great!! i forgot about how much i love them

brb, gonna go smell the grape irises since theyve finally bloomed

i've gone back to using elementary os since its what i need for this one setup but man. i forgot how aesthetically pleasing it is to use it

rghrhg. writing stories is difficult since it's been so long since i've written something. but i have to write something for my english class

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You know how when you get a new table with more surface area, instead of giving you less cluttered space it just gives you more surface to clutter?

Yeah, that's what web developers do with your bandwidth.

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