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I've been thinking about readapting the Geek Code for a modern era. I'd probably call it Version 4, since IIRC the last version was 3.x. Would anyone want to help review and revise it with me once I finish a draft?

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i know its late (or technically early) but my favourite thing about this weather is that snow always dampens sound. when i can live on my own, i want to live where there's little noise or at least be able to soundproof my home

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@cadadr @pants @balrogboogie I mean I still use free software for everything I can, I'm glad all this stuff exist and it beats the alternative. it's just that I started putting out my own stuff in the Anti-Capitalist License (which means I'm now writing "non-free" software per FSF), promoting a friend's Non-Violent License, discussing the limitations of license-based approaches in the first place, discussing with friends what an ethics-based equivalent to Debian would be, something which would foreground the needs of marginalised and disabled folx... and perhaps most importantly, doing struggle that is not software x3

still when I sit on the PC I boot up Debian, have for 20 years now and I'm grateful for all the labour put into it.

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i always feel like a sociopath when i say this out loud but like, just the process of talking with / observing different kinds of people and learning how to comfortably interact with them is knowledge that has served me in every area of my personal and professional life (from knowing how people act well enough to heal drama within communities i'm part of to being able to network and find jobs etc etc)

i mean, i do this because i find individual people always endlessly interesting and not from some cynical economic analysis or anything, im just saying this to re-emphasize how much you lose by flinging people away the second they make any tiny error you find distasteful instead of working with them and growing together. it helps both of you
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i've been wanting to try out the name ellie

hey all, be wary of paypig dot org. not moderated well at all

has anyone else been shivering like all day

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morning has felt weird. like comfy and uncomfy at the same time

wow wow this has been rough lately
its gonna get better though

i finally bought a G_D'S PEE AT STATE'S END vinyl!! im so exciteddd!!!!!!!

no longer angsty ☺ i slept and now i feel better

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@meskin I have given privacy talks on stages with live audiences multiple times. There is always someone in the audience who says this. Always.

I ask that person to let me borrow their wallet and photograph the contents, promising to return it with everything inside intact.

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finally removed my twitter account from twidere and set all the info on it to say its no longer in use. feels good

imagine if for pride month they changed the name of twix to twinx

personal music opinion, not serious 

Pretty. Odd is the borgeoise rendition of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

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