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I've been thinking about readapting the Geek Code for a modern era. I'd probably call it Version 4, since IIRC the last version was 3.x. Would anyone want to help review and revise it with me once I finish a draft?

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i know its late (or technically early) but my favourite thing about this weather is that snow always dampens sound. when i can live on my own, i want to live where there's little noise or at least be able to soundproof my home

And just in case anyone is wondering why the group fell apart:

“But according to Michael Cunningham, in 1991 a New York activist arrived at San Francisco meetings and outshouted women or people of color when they criticized racist or sexist remarks. Without a system to make decisions except on the basis of consensus, members were left with no way to handle tactics of majority-group intimidation, and membership declined. Writing in the influential journal Out/Look, several activists pointed out that Queer Nation had exactly replicated the problems of the official nation, claiming to include women and ethnic minorities but not changing its vision accordingly.”

You can’t fight for your rights as a minority if you aren’t joining that fight with other struggles, and centering the needs of the most oppressed within your own group.

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is it racist? 

@LogicalDash my position has evolved to " this person is absolutely racist"

trans stuff, 

@ghost_bird oh this just reminded me of a thing we have at our university that I actually really like

Its called the Safe Zone advisory board and basically participants attend several trainings and educational panels led by LGBTQ+ folks and can get certified as an ally which comes with a sticker they can put on their door and I feel like it actually means something because they have to like put in the effort and go to those sessions

People considering vanilla as the plain option is a travesty of our time. Best flavour.

today's mood is unguided whimsicality, naïvety, anxiety

lots of rain today on the last day of my school year, after a few weeks of a strong dip in my mental health. is the atmosphere compassionate enough to mourn for my sense of identity amd purpose along with me? or is that just me being self-absorbed and finding irony where therenis nothing but the sensical laws of the universe?

road and construction signs with an esoteric combination of words

The problem with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is that it frames reality as merely a set of problems to be solved via technology or “magic” rather than an enchanted world full of meaning and relationships.

@cadadr my wife's grandma had a little sign in her kitchen that said "my house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy" and I think that's the perfect attitude to housekeeping

mh --- 

overwhelming and suffocating all-encompassing sense of complete andthorough failure with everything i ever do or evber willdo
everything i have istemp orary everyhting i a m is fake is temporary never was here
iam nothingn iam no one

turjs out the stuff i heard this morning was a fight nearby, not just me imagining things :blob_cat_oh_no:

Kinda fucked up that we're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine and the machine is bleeding to death.

passed a good test today, very excited intrernally but im trying to keep my composure

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