When your PC sings “hello” to you 

It’s a Dell

"Copilot rickrolls unsuspecting programmer"

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i just want younger queers to understand that strict and rigid adhesion to labels and their definitions really isnt a life or death matter and someone not doing the thing correctly doesn't actually impact your life at all. labels change. people change. christ, i fear for any partner they may have in the future. thats just a set up for abuse.

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feeling once again in that headspace where i wish to ghost thru the chains that bind me to this capitalist hellscape of a "socioeconomic climate"

i need to buy a pick up a blazer, i don't have any

so yeah it's kind of an odd story. i think everyone kind of goes through this tale of "finding identity" of course, and maybe some even still go through this tale of "used to be fascist, now am big gay". maybe some can even still say that music helped them on that journey.

thank you, lofi hip hop artists.
thank you, lgbtq+ community.
thank you, modern baseball.
thank you. [end maybe?]

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my gay friends probably knew this too, and they gave me this group hug that was so good. from then on i made strong efforts to distance myself from the fascists. it took a long ass time, but god i felt so much better. i actually had a group of friends i could honestly talk about my identity with, my sexuality and my gender identity and all that kind of stuff. they didnt go out of their way to attack people, to hurt people. they were real! [11/?]

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so i told them. i talked about so much for the whole lunch, crying a lot through most of it. i talked about the other friend group i had and how i felt so bad about betraying their ideals of what a person should be, because they really felt like a family at the time. at least in some ways. after i was all done talking, another realization hit me: i am not that identity. i am not that identity.

i couldn't ever make them happy, i could only make them want to hurt me. i had to leave [10/?]

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i didn't know this was emo. that didn't even matter to me. i just knew it was safe. i just knew it was honest. it was *real*. it was witful, it was tragic. labels didn't matter because it spoke its whole identity with its own words and not someone else's. i wonder if this also inspired how i felt about gender... that's a whole other talk lol.

either way, the next day at lunch i hung out with my gay friends and they could tell i'd had a rough night and day. so they asked me what's up [9/?]

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i'd never actually listened to emo music before. growing up that kind of stuff was heavily demonized to me. and the facists didn't help either, lol. when i heard this it was like the first lofi train all over again, only this time it was the whole damn station. i cried listening to it the first time because of just everything that i'd built up and everything i'd been going through. i listened to it over and over and over again all night [8/?]

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i was a band kid so i was kind of taught to listen in to every layer, to every chord, to every nuance. really doing my best to use my whole ear and concentration whenever i was listening to a song

and i remember how i could completely tell this was just a person recording this song on their own, probably in their bedroom. the honesty and the intimacy really helped since i had developed a parasocial relationship with this artist, at least inside my own head [7/?]

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and after listening to a few memes, the pain still being there (if anything, worse), i thought i'd go through the lofi artists' works. i spent longer time browsing through that, and came across this cover one of the artists made, of a song i'd never heard of before from a band i'd never heard of before. i didn't even really think "hm, why not?" i just went for it [6/?]

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i remember after one day where i spent my lunch hanging out with my gay friends, the realization hit me like another train, that i might be different than this weird specific identity the facists were trying to teach me that i was. i remember feeling this extreme mental anguish that night, i think i didn't sleep at all. late in the night i decided to go on soundcloud and find more meme song mashup stuff, mainly to numb the pain with laughter [5/?]

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i also started interacting with this new friend group at the time that the majority of which were lgbtq+. there really arent enough words in the english language to describe how instrumental i think this was to my life. finding them gave me this crazy sense of identity and family more so than my genetic family and definetely more so than my facist friends. we hadn't really gotten to the "gays bad" part of the ideology yet, only really the race stuff. [4/?]

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so i stumble on this train running me over, 20 tons across my chest not-so-gently telling me "it's okay! the rest of the world exists. it's bigger than you've been told." or something like that.

i spend the next few weeks listening privately to this genre and these artists' works as a release from all the mental health bullshit. i was really struggling with depression and suicidal idealization at the time but literally never told anyone [3/?]

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it was really enjoyable listening to their work. it was this sort of brutal honesty and minimalism that was unlike anything i was listening to at the time, and really unlike anything i was doing in *real life* too. everything i was going through was this super performative act where i had to pretend that i enjoyed belonging to this "family" of fascists. i felt like i didnt have any sense of identity or purpose outside of that friend group or mentality... [2/?]

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the first song i ever heard from modern baseball was "redone". i remember it fairly well.

it was like 2015 or 2016. i think i was in 7th grade. i was really heavily into the sort of right-wing meme culture and had a lot of friends that were helping to reinforce that echo chamber. i used soundcloud a lot, usually for soundclown purposes (mashups and whatnot), and one day i ended up finding this lofi-hip hop artist on soundcloud... a few actually [1/?]


you weren't the only one who thought of us thaaaat waayy!!!
i spend most nights awaaaake,
wide awaaake!!
i never thought that i, oh i would see the daaayyy!!
where i'd just let you gooo,
let you walk awaaayy --
where i'd let you walk away!!

ph violence, 4chan 

The maintainer of an audacity fork was PHYSICALLY STABBED by a 4channer after they doxxed him and his family over a naming poll for the new fork:


But again of course nothing will happen because everyone is too chickenshit to take down this cesspool.

I honestly don't know what to do anymore. This is the second time in the last 2 weeks that anonymous cretins on the internet have caused someone physical harm. And this will continue to happen...

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