so i may have left my music computer on for a bit

you know the feeling of when you hold a motor at high rpm in neutral?
longer, and longer, and longer
and every second that passes you feel the whole thing is going to throw a rod
despite all that effort going nowhere
is that even effort? it doesnt go anywhere
literally and figuratively
spinning gears, spinning in circles
and its screaming and screaming its sustained note

my mind is the motor
i am the machine
my senses are the fuel

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todays very empty
ill be with my gf but i still feel

every time i use a glass lid on a pan and it makes the smallest little *tink* from temperature difference my monkey brain thinks "oh god oh god it's gonna explode"

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@tamberoo yea he's got a lot of great ones, which I think is why the periodic descents into stereotypical boomer shit disappoints me so much

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@roxie i'd just like to interject for a moment. what you're referring to as linux, is in fact, girl/linux, or as i've recently taken to calling it, girl plus linux. linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning girl system

this is also a way for me to say hi!! my name's ellie. i still like the name tamber but it just doesn't feel as appropriate anymore and i like how ellie feels on me -- very comfy

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hai!! if you're seeing this then that's good cause i'm gonna be using this account ( instead of my old one (

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