Recently going right back into a relatively obscure j-rock band I used to like in high school that I started considering "cringe" a few years ago.

Some of their songs slap though

The one takeaway you should have of reading the previous toot is that if you need to pretend that a thing you want to do isn't "a bad thing" in order to not feel like a sack of shit for doing it, then just don't fucking do it.

But science won't leave its paywall on its own. Education won't be made free on its own. Information will remain under control of rich power-hungry bigoted assholes if we let it. Piracy is a crime that needs to be done.

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Make no mistake.

Piracy in all its forms is:
馃敻 illegal (duh)
馃敻 immoral (you're getting something without consent; otherwise it'd be 'sharing'), and
馃敻 unethical (buying media *sometimes* doesn't benefit the original author, but piracy *never* does)

But all who'd care about quashing piracy are, almost all the time, completely morally bankrupt and actively abusing their ownership of intellectual property to screw over everyone else.

Pay indies directly. Pirate everything else.

meta, what the fuck 

and I thought twitter was spicy

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meta, what the fuck 

- and lo and behold, that's only the tip of the iceberg that is the moderation of an entire fucking "mainstream" instance that is getting gradually defed'd because of what their (former? current? what's that all about again?) mod team are doing

what the fuck? *what the fuck*

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meta, what the fuck 

okay so let me get this straight:

- according to some people it's racist to intervene in matters of a race that isn't yours, but it's also racist not to intervene
- if you're in a position of perceived authority, you're bullying someone if you mock their *anonymous* messages of any nature *if they de-anonymize post facto*
- however that last one has nuance, because it was unclear that that report was anonymous because *it's not meant to be*, it's just a shit anti-feature

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That feel when your government is inimical and violent towards pretty much every single political position because they can, and people will still follow them forever because of their (sadly very real) status as a victim of several counts of election fraud that finally got their comeuppance

gfdi politics is just a circus act over here

I always feel that there's something I'm missing in order to be a full part of the fediverse community

and today maybe I realized that that something might be

knowing who or what the fuck is "hans from stuttgart"

with the Foundation series coming to AppleTV+ (lmfao), a new Dune movie around the corner, and Cyberpunk 2077 being hyped to hell and back

and the current state of the Star Trek franchise

I'm very much of the opinion that sci-fi should just be canceled. We've outgrown sci-fi. Fuck it.

under communism there is only one planet and we all have to share it

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I interacted with one of them back on Twitter. I didn't know how she was outside of the fediverse. And I know that thing about hindsight and that I gain nothing being overly dramatic about a one-time interaction between strangers but, you know how it feels thinking "had I known, I would've stayed away"?


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The problem with being vegan on the Internet is that you'll probably be following very shitty people without knowing they're shitty until it's too late, all because they're vegan.

Used to follow an indie game that was about veganism and looked interesting and as I looked into it deeper I found the 2 main devs are a Gab defender and a TERF

Sigh. I mean, it's obvious that eating your veggies doesn't automatically make you a better person, but holy shit.

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we sure had a fucking videogame trailer released by a fucking videogame company that has money given by the US government and the US military

a trailer in which the characters, which include a recreation of Ronald Fucking Reagan, tell you that being fascist and committing war crimes is not only good, but the only good way to do things

videogames were a fucking mistake and I wish they disappeared from this timeline forever

oh my god check this out

this just might be the coolest thing i have seen in my entire life

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Mine would be that leftists should stop wanting to be on Twitter, *for starters*

ESL woe #46846: reading "who're" and doing a double-take, every time

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