Negative numbers are bullshit, just make the lowest one 0, what the hell

Anyone want to trade me their sewing machine for a custom original painting? Here's my portfolio:

Boosts welcome + appreciated (:

I have recently decided to absolve myself the guilt of not responding to any messages or texts from anyone I don’t have the bandwidth to make chit chat- no matter how “close” we are, or how much they feel deserving of my time/energy. We are not meant to be constantly in contact with a hundred-some people at any given time & I’m not sorry 🦋

reminder not to post your crimes on the internet

You can’t just vote fascism away, the time has come to disobey.

the libs are celebrating bidens inauguration, while i am getting dms from their dads and figuring out my plans for the night

ableist terms on google definitions 

but aye ableism does not exist :////

abahahahahhahaahaha I just discovered the existence of Vanessa "TERF" Vokey this is too much

why are white cis women like this. why

like... imagine how it must make blind/visually impaired people feel? I remember someone posting that it felt like people who didn't type out image descriptions just didn't care for their needs. And it's true, I mean, clearly we as non blind people should do better. wouldnt you want to explain to a dear friend something you just saw which you unfortunately didn't take a picture of? Would you just not tell your friend because you just "can't be bothered"? let's stop making excuses and try better

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It's rly not difficult to put image descriptions when posting any image whatsoever.... really isn't. please question what you've been taught and think to yourself why it is that you are so reluctant and finding excuses to not do it. I know I used to tell myself "but it's so annoying omg I don't have the energy for writing image descriptions every single time I post a picture 😩😩😩" which is..... just not valid. if I can adapt my speech when I talk to deaf relatives then there was no excuse

Black Trans Fundraising, rape, abuse, transphobia, gaslighting, ableism, racism 

We are tired
Fundraising for a Black Trans Autistic friend who is experiencing abuse on many levels and simply needs survival needs covered while they recover from family/roommate/transphobic/racist/ableist abuse and triggers related to being raped by their uncle as a kid.

More here:

Please share @mutualaid please invest in Black Trans LIFE. Hurts to see them hurting.

when flowless finally executes order 66 against white admins, i will accept it as my time to go

thinking about when i sent an email to a teacher with my pronouns at the end (which was scary to do), but when he replied he'd added his own pronouns to his email signature... it should just be the minimum but it made me so happy

It literally takes 2 minutes to add an image description, and it helps Mastodon be more accessible. It costs nothing. Literally nothing.


Hey Mastodon, especially English-speaking Mastodon, can you please, for the love of the stars, CW your sexual shitposts? Especially when they parody sexist behaviors.

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