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Hear ye, hear ye, fediverse! :blob_rave:

With @milia we worked for a few days on a small web project and we are happy to share it with you today!

It's called Souvenir ~

The principle is simple: you can capture a few seconds of your camera and it generates a gif.
It's a mix between Polaroid and the magic photos from Harry Potter!

❖ Now let’s make souvenirs (and share them if you want 👀)

Why paying to get matching tattoos when you already have matching mental health issues for free

Est-ce que quand @oniricorpe se présente les gens répondent "Oh TMI ! :blob_fearful: "

Asbestos fibers are overrated, these days most teenagers are just full of micro-plastics and girls cum

Anarchy, communism & the little sounds girls make when we have sex ❤️

My good days always start with a big glass of pressed orange juice, chocolatines and a long dopamine rail on your mom's tits.

Cis women, the "vegetarian option in burger restaurants" of women

Respond with your best queer vilain look. I’ll start:

How to know if something is :gay: ?
If it’s make cishets uncomfortable it’s probably is! 😋

You like Free software? But it’s well known that if it’s free your are the product! :thonking:

Little reminder in this December month that ACAB include Santa

Little PSA:
-Me posting sexy pictures or lewd shitpost doesn’t mean its okay to flirt with me
-If i helped you with HRT or other stuff doesn’t mean we’re best friends/I’m into you/it’s ok to flirt with me
-If I’m into you I’ll be very clear dw (ask the last girl pined to a wall ^^)

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