∴ time ∴

…damnit I already hate doing that

So the stuff I'm passionate about (so you can discuss with me about it):
πŸ‘‰ Nerdy web dev (frontend): Good semantic HTML, Well architectured CSS, clean vanilla JS, powerful VueJS
πŸ‘‰ Interface design: Wow such button, very spaces, so well architectured
πŸ‘‰ Music: Listening a lot of prog like a fking elitist
πŸ‘‰ C A T S :blob_aww:
πŸ‘‰ Gender πšπšˆπš‚πš™πš‘π™Ύπš›πš’π™° (not really a passion lol)

Content warning witch you can expect on this account:
- Depression 🀷

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