Hear ye, hear ye, fediverse! :blob_rave:

With @milia we worked for a few days on a small web project and we are happy to share it with you today!

It's called Souvenir ~

The principle is simple: you can capture a few seconds of your camera and it generates a gif.
It's a mix between Polaroid and the magic photos from Harry Potter!

❖ Now let’s make souvenirs (and share them if you want 👀)

On the privacy side:
- Everything runs on your browser (from the capture to the download) so none of your gif are stored on a server somewhere
- The camera is automatically stopped when you're not on the app
- Obviously there is no analytics setup on the app

On the human side:
Working on this with Milia was such a great experience! :blob_cat_melt:

Souvenir ∴ Update:
- No more "mirror effect" on your phone's frontal camera (thx @ankhZero for the feedback)
- We added a copyleft "license" on the repo so here is it, enjoy:

partial nudity ; deso je sors de la douche 

partial nudity ; deso je sors de la douche 

partial nudity ; deso je sors de la douche 

partial nudity ; deso je sors de la douche 

partial nudity ; deso je sors de la douche 

@tixie then it is an #unhosted app ;)

It would be so cool to have remotestorage.js be able to use webdav (and so Nextcloud)

@pierreozoux On va regarder ça, je t'avoue que je connais pas du tout. (also on a setup des services worker pour mettre en cache l'appli et aussi permettre qu'elle fonctionne hors-ligne, c'est déjà ça)

@ankhZero Dev et design sous proges :D (bon on aura vu plus efficace xD)

I didn't see this info available on site itself. Perhaps consider including it there in an "about" page?

@tixie wait, so transcoding from mp4 to animated GIF is done with a js library?

Souvenir // eye c/ minitrick 

Il y a de gros risques que vous soyez spammés de gif de chats, jspr que vous êtes prêt.e.s

@milia @tixie woo-hoo :blobaww: awesome.

I just had a thought and I think you'd might be the right people to know if it possible at all:

would it be possible to write that kind of js app as souvenir but that you give it audio file and it would return some kind of video/animation together with that audio? Would that kind of multimedia muxing be too hard to write?

@milia @tixie actually 'some kind' was meant as content of the video, like a waveform or something, but the format should be html5 - webm/vp9 or mp4/h264.

@luka @tixie Yes, audio/video on the web is actually possible BUT this is not something trivial. The only viable way is to use a dedicated library like ffmpeg to do things like that but this is a huge load for an web app.

For example, ffmpeg compiled with only few formats support (10MB+) is already more than 40 times the actual total size of Souvenir. This is why we'll likely not support anything apart gif because this is deadsimple to encode and so doesn't require huge dependencies.

@luka @tixie

Your example is doable with an sound animated canvas captured (trivial part) and captured audio (trivial) merged together (huge dependency).

@tixie @milia C'est chouette !!! :moji19: Par contre ce serait bien si on pouvait revoir la vidéo avant de lancer l'encodage parce que ça prend du temps.

@ZeldAurore blblblblblbl :blob_aww:
C'était quelque chose qui avait été pensé. On prépare ça pour la prochaine version ! @milia

@tixie @ZeldAurore et du coup si tu n'as pas vu passer l'annonce il y a une étape de prévisualisation avant l'encodage ! 🎉

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