@tixie not sure if i love this more for being gay or being trans

actually both, i love both more

You know, I wasn’t really crying that hard till I read the artist confirm that the brunette is trans. 😭😭💜💙💖

@tixie This is where my life is frozen while my partner & I are separated, & this is why Im in pain. I couldnt say anything about it before. Haah its so frustrating!

@tixie this is the cutest thing ever i love it so much

@tixie this was a really heartwarming share. needed that today. Thanks!

Slept last night crying, just to woke up see this and be more gay then the other days combined

> marriage
Ew, the fuck is up with this shit? Queer people should reject marriage as heteronormative cancer

@dtluna @tixie Meh. If it works for them, it's not really our place to judge. That said, we should definitely get rid of all financial barriers & benefits based on marital status. Inequality based on whether you're single, married, or whatever is not acceptable.

@tixie hey, the artist has asked people not to repost her art. did you get permission to repost those pictures here?

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