@tixie that's why I use and encourage people to use self-hosted blogs. Medium is a huge problem because they somehow succeeded at creating a "creator-friendly" system, thus getting a big chunk of the previous wordpress users and such. In the long run, this might turn in to a monopoly.

Also, I just love seeing FOSS projects with writeups on medium, it's kinda ironic.

@redsPL @tixie Even worse is FOSS projects using proprietary project management tools, like Jira.

@redsPL What hosting tools would you recommend? I think people use Medium because of convenience but I'd love to self-host if I knew how to, easily.

@Meenit If you don't have time and/or knowledge, wordpress and either self-hosting on a VPS or a wordpress-only host. The latter tend to be cheaper, but if you're all in for FOSS, they might not be fully libre.

If you have too much time on your hands - make your own blog and webpage from the ground up! PHP or Python+Django are both easy to learn, so you can be up and running with a page in a matter of a few hours, and you'll learn a ton.

I chose the second path with my page :P

@redsPL @Meenit Is there an English-friendly Markdown-to-Blog engine, similar to PluXML? Not that I were to copy the PnC site design or anything... @switchingsocial

@tixie Have a look at your ublock origin blocked request count on this site it's hilarious

Image description: Left: medium dot com advertising itself as a platform "for people", no ads, no popups. Right: Medium dot com asking you in a popup to accept cookies, and there's another popup asking you to sign in with Google or Facebook.

@tixie Hahahaha proclaiming one, but living the other. It's what companies do, it's what political parties do. It's what people do. And it's fun to see.

@tixie very funny. My rule of thumb is never trust Evan Williams.

@tixie Liked Medium a lot 2 years ago. But the annoying pay walls make me close Medium articles instantly these days. :(

@slartibartfast @tixie Hey that's Balsamiq Mockups, isn't it? I like it 🙂

@slartibartfast @tixie ...but most importantly: where your typical ad blockers don't work and we may even scrape your device and advertisement ID.

@tixie I see where they are coming from tho, pushing a very cheap subscription to pay writers. Content creators love this, publishers and random users not so much.

Clear your cookies! You’ll be good to go.

@tixie just a reminder of Medium's unofficial slogan...

Medium. Because we are neither rare nor well done.

@tixie I was going to troll them in the support section but you can create an account with an email like a normal site now :(

@tixie can't one sign up to medium with Twitter anymore? also they removed the client APIs sooo

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