Performance artist generates virtual traffic jams in Google Maps by pulling a wagon full of smartphones

@tixie i feel like this coukd be used for good but i cant tell how yet

@NuclearTess @tixie

We had this idea some years ago... but never realised it....


@NuclearTess @tixie making your street quieter as people get diverted away from it

@NuclearTess @tixie You could fake a traffic jam on a road you often take so that everyone avoids it and it's cleared up for you. Not sure if that's "GOOD" but it's definitely a plus for the person doing it lol

@Tooch @NuclearTess @tixie "Everyone" seems highly exaggerated. Which resident is using Maps apps on her daily drive in the city? And then it’s just Google’s solution, there are others like Apple’s and the integrated satnav hardware in cars with different data sets… This is just a funny art project.

@thegibson @tixie I was thinking "this is exactly what I need for cycling in London" tbh. I mean, essentially the traffic is going to be bad anyway and a lot of the journeys are regular ones, but still. The phones would fit in a pannier.

Powering them all might be an issue.

@TheGibson @artsyhonker @tixie you probably don't even need to be there if you just mess with the GPS API

@thegibson @grainloom @tixie Would be interesting to figure out how far in advance this needs messing with to clear my route so I can cycle safely.

(I am nowhere near technical enough to be able to do this and also don't want to get deported for causing an obstruction to traffic, though I would technically not be doing that...)

@artsyhonker @grainloom @tixie

If you did this and tried to explain it to people 30 yrs. ago... you are cyberpunk AF.

This is where we are

@artsyhonker @grainloom @tixie

I am sure if you boiled it down to a process instead of lugging 90phones with you, you would be in violation of some sort of DMCA bullshit.

@thegibson @artsyhonker @grainloom @tixie

possible offence in England under Computer Misuse Act 1990 S.3 subsection 2

>"to impair the operation of any such program or the reliability of any such data;"

ofc Google would have to argue in Court they were providing a reliable source of traffic data for the benefit of endusers, but I expect they have a well resourced legal team

@thegibson @artsyhonker @grainloom @tixie

I'm also sceptical (if it works at all) how effective this would be in medium/long term otherwise those involved with transport/logistic firms would possibly seek to exploit it in order to disrupt their commercial rivals (or even just petrolheads/hooners who want a clear road for their own purposes)

@vfrmedia @artsyhonker @grainloom @tixie

I’m with you. This has been done before in a far more efficient manner, I am sure.

@thegibson @vfrmedia @grainloom @tixie Another potential problem with my cycling idea is that a bicycle in London is often faster than surrounding traffic anyway, traffic jams don't usually move that fast or they aren't jams.

@artsyhonker @thegibson @grainloom @tixie

also I've noticed that Google can distinguish between the main mobile phone I use and the backup one with a Giffgaff SIM which is just used an an LTE modem for the TomTom satnav and only seems to record my movements on the main device..

bad and illegal advice 

@TheGibson @vfrmedia @artsyhonker @tixie just do that thing from Dan Vs Traffic where Dan dresses up as a construction worker and paints some wood boards with "ROAD CLOZED".

@tixie Seen this on the birdsite and still think it's a hoax. Well, it's still art of course and the message is valid, but I don't think it was pulled of technically as described.
I think googles algorithms are sophisticated enough to filter out those anomalies and the photos of the phones in the handcart look suspicously like store-mockups with printed screens.

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