Free food offer PDX 

I’m making a ridiculous amount of kimchi, like way way too much. Hmu if you’re near PDX and want some next week when they’re ready!

There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian batches, spicy and mild batches. I did not grow up with Korean food and am not someone who was taught how to do this traditionally, so it’s not the highest quality. Two people have told me they’ve liked my previous ones tho lol. Great with noodles, bibimbap, fried rice, etc! Lasts ages in the fridge.

Blatant racism at work 

Soooooo many times the last few months I’ve seen people looking for help/services refusing to talk to the person offering them because they’re black; demanding instead to talk to someone else who is completely unqualified to do what they want... but white.

Like, I’ve seen folks even refuse getting medical treatment. Using racial slurs against the black person trying to help them. It’s fucking ridiculous.

Covid vaccine update, food 

It’s done, I got a cool pin and celebratory chocolate covered pretzels 💕

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Covid vaccine, anxiety vibes 

Getting the first half of the covid vaccine in the next hour and am nervous as hell. Not bc I don’t trust what’s in the vaccine (I’m pumped to get it!), but bc I hate driving to unfamiliar places and trying to find parking and trying to find the right building on time and then also needles are scary

Sex work discrimination; houselessness 

Like if you don’t support sex workers, what are you doing working at an emergency shelter?

I should’ve said something then but I was kinda baffled

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Sex work discrimination; houselessness 

Had a shit interaction with a coworker yesterday who said something along the lines of “makes me worry what they do for work” in a disgusted tone after I mentioned a conversation I had with a houseless person at the shelter I work at regarding being fully clothed while in the space (she had on only fishnets under a very short dress, and as she bent over to move something she flashed other folks and disturbed them.)

Just listened to Boy Jr.’s latest single “Are They Actually Attractive?” for the first time and that shit bumps

BLM, racism at PDX nonprofit, cops, union 

My union is finally about to go public about an ongoing struggle to get the racist ass cops out of our nonprofit board :blob_cat_peek:

The fact that they’re on the board is public info broadcasted proudly on their website, but as of now no news media has covered the story of all the meetings, emails, letters, etc made over the last year demanding that they be kicked off (as well as the shit response/lack of responses from bosses)

Can’t wait!

Selfie, eyebrow update, drag makeup, alcohol 

This is the first time I did fake eyebrows and I’m slightly buzzed so apologizes for the sloppiness of this look lol. Gonna put on a black dress to go with it

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Selfie, eyebrow update, drag makeup 

Update: I went erased my eyebrows then went practically full drag queen

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Using the glue stick method to try and paint my eyebrows away, can’t wait to see if I did it right

Nonprofit work 

If someone thinks I’m a good person because I work at a nonprofit, I either think they’re undereducated, naive, or untrustworthy. Often times a combination of the three.

Most folks working at nonprofits have good intentions, but the systems/structures we exist within are terrible and almost inevitably lead to shitty actions on our parts

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Nonprofits, 1%, etc 

The only reasons nonprofits exist are to momentarily appease poor/marginalized folks & make rich people feel high & mighty while getting tax write-offs. If people in power actually wanted to solve issues related to poverty, hunger, etc they’d pay taxes & promote legislation to ensure that our government had funding to provide people with their basic needs. Or, and hear me out on this, they’d *redistribute their wealth directly to people in need*

Work woes, sorta mh- 

Another day, another internal crisis where I wonder if what I’m being paid to do is highly disgusting & immoral 👍

One more month then I’m getting my vacation time and applying to be a grocer at a coop or some shit. Not sure how much I can take of this.

Why I have to do unethical and soul crushing things to eat? Thanks capitalism

White boomer environmentalism 

I say this as if young white folks like myself don’t do the same lol. My generation’s also guilty of this crap, don’t wanna make this necessarily a conflict between generations

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White boomer environmentalism 

I do think some white boomers have good info to share and have been doing a lot to support their communities/planet. (I mean, I can’t garden for shit and I’m terrible at reducing/reusing consumer goods.) Just that the “community” they support seems to be mostly white—and a lot of the practices they advocate for ignore the needs & experiences of poc, folks w disabilities, queer folks, poor folks, etc. And, again, they constantly rip off ideas from poc and others

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White boomer environmentalism 

Hate getting a book that looks promising for learning about building community resiliency, only to find it’s a bunch of unoriginal crap about permaculture made by a white boomer for other white boomers. (I’m looking at you, “The Transition Companion” 😒)

White people really act like we discovered everything, including the idea of supporting your neighbors and being nice to the planet. Yawn.

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