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Hiya! I'm an oldbie on , , , and many others, and you can find all my content and other links at !

My main focus in my videos & are topics like , , , , , , and that sort of thing,

but I cover a lot of other topics like , , , and more!

Hoping to find like-minded creators!

Just started today's Saturday , 3-7pm pst, over at /cerigotgame! Hang out with me while I try out some game demos, then maybe or !

Newly reuploaded! "Pregnant and | T#ToplessTopics Rants" Watch now at

(image contains nonsexual female nipples)

(image contains nonsexual female nipples)

As part of my attempt to reach as many eyeballs as possible with my mission for /#freethenipple as well as /#naturism/#normalizenudity, I'm going to try to revive the Mewe group I made ages ago. You can do so here:

I haven't been enthusiastic about using MeWe, because it's such a small platform that it didn't feel worth it--and what little user base there is is disproportionately filled with antivaxxers and nazis who were driven off other platforms, just like nudists often are.

But even after ten years, I remain determined to spread the good word about , and try to galvanize support among other allies until we finally have the level of Public Outrage to force changes on these misogynistic, transphobic creep sites.

So please, if you also support /#toplessequality/#topfreeequality and/or /#naturism/#normalizenudity, help me spread the word by liking/sharing/etc my social media platforms: you can find all the as-yet-unbanned links at

(nonsexual female nipples in pic) Watch at or in our Discord chatroom if you're a Patreon donor or promo squad member!

nonsexual nudity in photograph 

I made this post on Twitter, and I'm begging everyone retweet it, hopefully as a "Quote retweet" with your own request to @teamyoutube demanding why they ban me for ALREADY CENSORED content while there are entire channels with nothing but fully naked, fully uncensored content that don't get banned.

Also attached are screenshots of the tweet, one without censorship and one with, for you to post to facebook, instagram, etc as well <3<3<3

quickly-skipped prawn 

Posted a video edited down showing my daily task of purging pornbots from my followers list on twitter. uncensored is on trom, super-censored is on youtube. both are linked to at

heinous nonsexual female nipples 

I'm hankering to do some character study and it's hot AF so I figured I'd do it topless over at
join me if you'd like!

more importantly, every single crowdfunding platform seems to have a "no adult content" clause--which we all know includes female nipples, so I have no idea how we'd raise the money to pay for the hosting for such a site.

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but I'm running into a few roadblocks with this--one, figuring out security levels. I'd like anyone to be able to register to SEE the posts, but to post their own content (and comments) they'd need to go through some kind of authentication process (like linking to their other social media accounts) so we can make sure they're not just an idiot pornbot or hater who will deliberately flood our platform with banned (nazi, antivaxxer, explicit porn, etc) content.

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Sooo I'm looking into starting our own video host and social media instance (either mastodon or friendica) called the , basically a "safe space" for "outcast creators" (topless equality activists, sex workers, nudists, lgbtq, body positive, etc) to post without the constant threat of being banned at the drop of a hat--but WITHOUT having to share space with white nationalists, antivaxxers, etc.

nonsexual nudity, swearing 

still so fucking furious that the Normalizing Nudity channel on Youtube gets away with FULLY NAKED, UNCENSORED videos featuring buxom women, while I posted clips from MY OWN VIDEO for his channel (that was up for over a year amassing over a million views, until my hater army got it removed) that WERE censored got banned IMMEDIATELY!!!!

I'm surprised that this article doesn't really tackle the elephants in the room:

- The "decentralized" Web 3.0 is actually already much more centralized than the current Web. You want to buy/sell an NTF? Go to OpenSea. You want to build an app that interacts with a Blockchain? There's only Infura and Alchemy for that. Authentication over wallet? Sure, MetaMask does it. These four actors have basically a complete monopoly on the #web3. At a level that is even greater than the control exerted by Google or Facebook. Without a Blockchain, you can't do anything with a dApp. You can't even test your app - even testing and debugging needs to happen in somebody else's walled garden. In order to push anything to a Blockchain, you either run your own mining node (which either requires a lot of money, a lot of computing power, or both), or you delegate access to one of the gatekeepers. Can you imagine a world where the only way to push new records to a Postgres db is either to invest a lot into a mining node, or use a proprietary API provided by Google?

- The proof-of-work that powers Bitcoin (and most of today's Blockchains) is a criminal environmental disaster, period. Its throughput is laughable, even when compared to even the dumbest LAMP-based web application running on a Raspberry Pi, and the energy it burns to add a new block (just to solve a stupid numeric puzzle that isn't useful to anyone) should be enough to consider mining as a criminal activity against the whole planet. And its proposed alternative (proof-of-stake) has never been truly experimented on a large scale and, once it does, if it works, it will simply heavily centralize the Web 3.0. In order to get a stake on a Blockchain, you'll need to invest money. And a lot of it (Ethereum is talking about something in the order of the tens-hundreds of thousands of dollars). Do the supporters of Web3 and the proof-of-stake as the future know that they are simply laying the foundation for the next oligarchs of the web, that are likely to be much more powerful than today's because the barriers between users/developers and the actual infrastructure are even higher than today's?

If you want a #decentralized world, just pick any of the open-source projects out there that provides a way to federate with other services, run your own freaking server like it's 1999, and you're good to go.

You don't need NFT and crypto scam to build a decentralized internet. Nor you need mining algorithms that burn as much energy as the Netherlands just to push 0.001% of the transactions currently processed by Visa/Mastercard for a tiny fraction of that energy. Nor you need to have new gatekeepers. Nor you need to build a new oligarchy were only those who can afford to pay $100,000 can afford a stake on a Blockchain.

It's time for this Web 3.0 degenerated scammy bubble to burn in a ball of fire and get forever out of our sight.

if it was just nudity, I'd call it something like "the place." But for something more encompassing, idk. Maybe The PRogressive Place, but it sounds a bit kitschy

(another idea I had, so we progressive creators can really help each other out, is to have sort of "watch parties" where we all meet on social media at the same time now and then, maybe discord or matrix, and share links to each others' content that the rest of us then share)

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And what should we call such a place, that's welcoming to , advocates, activists, evidence-based scientists and doctors, activists, and more?

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(the "no hardcore porn" is simply so that those who support nonsexual nudity without wanting to see porn every time they search for something don't have to deal with that, like they do now when searching somewehre lke say twitter)

So what do you think? Would you expend a little more effort to sign up for a platform that's a little less mainstream, if it means having more control over your data and not having to share space with nazis and antivaxxers?

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it's hard to explain to people who are used to only using user-focused but fascist and personal-data-harvesting platforms like twitter (and facebook especially), I barely understand it myself,

but the intention is to set up a place that SPECIFICALLY ALLOWS nonsexual nudity, as well as other progressive topics, while NOT allowing nazis, antivaxxers, actual hardcore porn, etc

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-anyone can sign up to view the content, but to post your own content to the progressive space mastodon server you have to be approved, so we don't get flooded with trolls

then have a separate peertube instance for the progressive space creators to post our videos, that we can then link to on mastodon (and our own websites)

people can search within the mastodon and peertube instances by topic etc, follow specific users, and can also find the content thru general mastodon & peertube searches

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Also sexual education and positivity--discussions ABOUT sexual activity etc but not video and audio of the actual acts.

The idea is still in germation (and @tio of TROM is pretty anti-mainstream-social-media so I have to go back and forth a lot sharing ideas) but I wanted to ask your feedback as we work it out.

What I'm thinking currently is we make our own Mastodon instance devoted to this progressive community

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