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Hiya! I'm an oldbie on , , , and many others, and you can find all my content and other links at !

My main focus in my videos & are topics like , , , , , , and that sort of thing,

but I cover a lot of other topics like , , , and more!

Hoping to find like-minded creators!

LMAO I just tried to log into this old defunct twitter account of mine to rebrand as a personal rant account, and apparently it was suspended by Twitter for...representing nonsexual toplessness Upside-down face
looks like i have to make yet another alt email just to sign up for an account that specializes in anti trump rants.

Sorry, I haven't been on here much this week. I haven't decided on a mastodon app to install on my phone and I'm just accustomed to more spontaneous whining on Twitter. I do keep talking about Mastodon in videos though. Dunno if I'll ever get 99% of my followers to ever give it a try, but maybe I can find more likeminded supporters who are already -in -mastodon! cute video of my (fully clothed) kid saying he'd rather be naked. I'm sure TikTok will ban even this video as "child exploitation" because social media is garbage e.e

If you happen to be totally starved of Cleo-content and don't require female nipples to be visible as part of the deal, I did start doing daily vlogs again, and uploading them to youtube ;)

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Just a heads up for anyone missed it- my mom passed away on Friday (2-12-21) so on top of the bullshizzle I was already going through with Vimeo holding my channel ransom etc (visit for more details on that) now I'm also swamped trying to make sense of the labrynthine mess she left her various financial accounts in. I will try to get new content out when I can, but I can't make any promises on their promptness.

facebook-unfriendly words, female nipples hidden behind a huge censorship bubble that still is somehow too heinous to allow on social media 


After some deliberation, I decided I'd rather livestream like usual and try to distract myself from my mom's death yesterday. Hang out with me while I process thru shock and grief and slice off demon heads in Doom or whatever at the same time! watch at

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New daily vlog up- "Dealing with the Trauma of How My Mom Died Yesterday". Mild content warning if you are upset by descriptions of what happened with my mom in her last few hours of life.

dealing with the never ending litany of garbage bans on all the popular platforms while also dealing with my mom's death really just compounds how bullshit everything is

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but I've been promoting the hell out of this mastodon link for weeks now and I've gotten, what, three followers to switch over? rrrrrrgh. I guess I'll just try harder to not give a shit if anyone actually watches my videos (also I'm not going to bother recording anything topless anymore for a while until I have direct video hosting, except for Saturday livestreams (3-7pm PST) at

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somehow it's still infuriating every single time garbage platforms like instagram and facebook and youtube delete a simple, ALREADY CENSORED photo of mine as "sexually explicit" and "sexual solicitation" for...inviting people to by posting their own NONSEXUAL nude photo on (every sunday)? It will just never not be insane how inextricably our culture links FEMALE-ONLY NIPPLES with "nudity" and therefore "sexually explicit" I just, erahpgihea4gaybaeg

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Whelp. Mom died an hour and a half ago, still waiting on the crematorium guys to come and pick her up. it actually snowed today but many of the people here arent used to driving in it so they're not driving much. I feel fine, honestly. A little tired of typing this out in response to friends' condolences, but the thing that bothers me is trying to figure out how to take care of her finances. And making sure my dad doesn't get too sad and follow her.

btw random aside but I started doing daily vlogs again, at least for now. here's today's recorded after getting an mri, before I crashed to the floor while trying to carry my mom.

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God I hope Matthew comes home soon...I might have gotten her to the bed, but my dad was hovering in the way, anxious to help though he's weak as a kitten. God I'm shaking. Slow, agonizing death is so hard, for the family as well as the sick.

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I'm worried laying on her side will make it too hard to breathe, but there's nothing I can do, she's still about twenty pounds heavier than me (her upper torso is emaciated but her lower torso is about the same weight she was before her rapid decline).

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discussions of death, sickness 

She says she's okay for now but I called my husband and asked him to come home as safely but soon as possible, since he can pick her up like she's a feather (turns out he has some uses 😅) My dad is laying down next to her, I'm shaking with adrenaline, it's such a stark and terrible reminder of how weak she is.

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jesus fucking christ that was a bad idea. My mom has been sitting in her recliner--she wanted to move to her at-home hospital bed, and I underestimated how much she still weighs. I managed to get her standing, but then her legs gave out completely and it took all my strength to get her down on her side, with a blanket under her head.

misgendering is never cool even if it's people you don't like :)

discussions about death 

home from the mri, it was annoying not being able to itch my nose but otherwise it went fine. mom is still hanging on, but barely. she's so weak and disoriented. I don't WANT her to die, but I think it'll be more merciful if she passes sooner rather than later.

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