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Hiya! I'm an oldbie on , , , and many others, and you can find all my content and other links at !

My main focus in my videos & are topics like , , , , , , and that sort of thing,

but I cover a lot of other topics like , , , and more!

Hoping to find like-minded creators!

Picture of snake eating a mouse 

My new hognose snake Aziraphel finally ate for the first time since I got him. I'm so relieved 😩

GET PAID $10 WHILE SUPPORTING A GOOD CAUSE! New Support Initiative--post your own video in defense of and I'll reward your efforts! Limited to ten first-posted, first-paid, read more about this project here:

New Reupload: Topless Topics Rants: The Fallacy of Good Men, edition! After getting banned on Youtube despite censoring out female nips, I've launched a new social media experiment--placing my audio over video of male nips instead!

Our latest TROM-Cast about Nudity is up

Unfortunately we got a lot of issues. First that of sound. I forgot that I messed around with OBS these past days and I removed the input sound module for my computer from OBS. So I had to fix it live....then the connection to @toplesstopics was not that great via Jitsi. I suspect is because the Jitsi instance we have used was hosted closer to us than to her, so her video quality was not that great + she interrupted a bunch of times. We did lots of tromcasts with people from all around the world but the connection was never as bad.

Lastly our live interrupted 2 times....and I have to investigate why. I have no clue at the moment. Maybe Peertube is too buggy when it comes to lives. I will test the live before our next TROMcast. Luckily I have recorded everything locally so all is saved.

Give it a bit of time to convert so you can stream it properTHank you to @toplesstopics for participating! Very interesting discussion!

#tromlive 69. Nudity

nonsexual nudity 

...sooo somehow adding a sensitive media tag hides the description I'm trying to post along with the picture 🙃 here it is:

NEWLY REUPLOADED: Interviews Founder of the Just Naked Podcast about Nudism/Naturism vs Topless Equality! Available now to Patreon donors and Promo Squad members here!

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nonsexual nudity 

NEWLY REUPLOADED: Interviews Founder of the Just Naked Podcast about Nudism/Naturism vs Topless Equality! Available now to Patreon donors and Promo Squad members here!

I got so trapped with this XFCE thing haha....I need to take a break. So far it looks really great and maybe we will only release TROMjaro XFCE instead of Gnome. But this will be a months long process and a slow transition. I need to get out a bit haha. I lived in the computer almost exclusively for the past 3 days. Tomorrow, late at night, we will have a very interesting tromcast with @toplesstopics - 23:30 madrid time. Here…

TROM-Cast 69: Nudity - Live here (tomorrow at 23:30 Madrid time)

In this episode we will talk about the notion of nudity. Why are the clothesless human bodies seen as being obscene in today's society? Why is youtube, facebook and the like banning content simply because of naked bodies being shown?

We have written three books about the topic:

- Morality and Ethics…
- Offensive and Obscene…
- Perspective: Private Mouths…

Our guest today is Cleo @toplesstopics from ToplessTopics. She has been banned from all social media platforms for the past many years, simply because she dared to show her nipples while creating non-pornographic, non-violent videos.

About her:

I'm a veteran "youtuber" and content creator who focuses my content on covering a wide variety of subjects, from progressive politics to parenting, gaming to arts and crafts, and I do it all from the perspective of "normalizing female toplessness through repeat exposure". Basically, providing an example of how a woman can be topless WITHOUT it automatically being considered "pornographic." Sadly, all the mainstream social media and video platforms disagree on the distinction!


We are also happy to provide a video platform where Cleo can post her videos. You can access it here…

#tromlive TROM-Cast 69: Nudity reminder that, the pro-nudity anti-nazi platform I recently started uploading my videos to, is running a poll this week to pick the best day for hosting a video podcast episode focused on censorship of nudity!

Sooo I'm freaking the fuck out, who knows how much of what I was just told is a scam, but theoretically the timeshare my idiot mom left to my dad will just pass to me when he passes?? And the going advice is "hire an attorney" but searching for attorneys just leads me to endless scams?? What do?!

I remain pettily frustrated that if a single already-popular creator retweeted or gave me a shoutout, I could instantly gain a thousand percent more followers than I've managed to garner after over a decade of trying to grow by myself. But I think it's pretty clear that's never happening, so I'm just trying to hold out and keep creating for creation's own sake. Which would be fine, except for all the time and money it takes.

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as always, I'm trying to hold out until it's finally safe to put the kids in school/daycare and devote myself to this stupid waste of time online content creation thing full time. Just wish I wasn't tired and headachey all the time, but let's not shoot for the moon.

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I'm getting more old videos uploaded to trom but it's tedious and annoying. I'm tired just thinking about trying to make posts about them and get others to read those posts. Even if I finally find a place to host my videos, I can't do anything about Instagram etc constantly banning even my insanely censored versions of my posts, and as we've discussed, there are so few people using platforms like this that posting about it here alone is barely gonna register on anyone's radar.

Whelp. I lost my Element login when I got a new phone, and even though I had the password AND security keys written down, it doesnt work, instead saying there's some kind of file I was supposed to download? Except...I got a new phone so I don't have the download anymore? Why won't Element just let me use an authorization app like everything else?? did another weekly-ish vlog if anyone is bored. It's mostly just me struggling to form a coherent point while my children stick their fingers up my nose and break things.

This morning during breakfast before his first day of kindergarten, Link said "I'm so fking excited for school!" 😅😅😅😅😅

Ahaha, they had the local news filming while Links new kindergarten ushered in the kids, I guess because the school was just finished rebuilding 😅 hopefully my hair doesn't look too messy!

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