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Hiya! I'm an oldbie on , , , and many others, and you can find all my content and other links at !

My main focus in my videos & are topics like , , , , , , and that sort of thing,

but I cover a lot of other topics like , , , and more!

Hoping to find like-minded creators!

Just left a message for the second contractor, who after so many promises not to flake out like the first guy, still hasn't given us the quote after the allotted week. Told them "forget the patio, right now we just want to build a fence."

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This fucking asshole cat killer has a severely low functioning autistic boy who is nonverbal and throws his own feces at people when he's upset, so you think it would make the asshole neighbor a little more sympathetic towards children. But maybe because my kids are neurotypical, he thinks they should be perfect and the fact that they're not means I'm a lazy parent.

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He also shared some story about some other neighbor kid who was told to clean up dog poop so he threw all the poop in his neighbors yard, and later when that kid is older he trashed his mother's house while she was gone for a weekend? And if I continue to let Link occasionally toss toys into his yard, that's what my kids will become??

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Yay, asshole cat killer neighbor strikes again! I was outside fixing up a hole in the deck (still trying to get a fxxking quote from any contractor on demoing it and replacing with cement before anyone breaks an ankle) and he calls across the chest high chain link fence that separates us, "oh, did your son tell you about the Lego he threw over here?" we've already had strong lectures with him about it, and I say idk what else I can do except punish him until he gets it (but nothing works)

heinous male nipple and newborn babe 

hhahaha this shit right here is why I stopped using . Good to know all sorts of non-pornographic shit is still being banned as "porn." Honestly Tumblr was the precursor to the "sex worker" crackdown on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube! I told you it's only getting worse 🙃

Just realized I have to actually click the check mark to remove notifications from my notifications tab. No wonder the number never went down 😅

trying to crush everything within social media character limits got me like

wall of text about video game livestreaming 

Are there any games not listed above that you're familiar with and think would be good streaming content? Let me know! Again, here's my contact info:

Contact @cerigotgame on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook
or email (please put "co-streamer" in the subject line)

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If you're not familiar with any of these games either, then you can still feel free to contact me and perhaps _I_ can guide _you_ if/when I become familiar with them. Otherwise, if you're already experienced at one of these games, then please let me know!

(Due to Character limits, you'll have to go to the pinned message at the top of either or to see the game list! Feel free to suggest your own in the comments here, though!)

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wall of text about video game livestreaming 

Generally I stream from PC, but I also have a capture card along with PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. I prefer cooperative crafting games, but I'm willing to play almost anything (as long as people are entertained). While there are a great deal of games I've had some experience with already, I think it might be more entertaining, and a better entry point for viewers if I were to try out totally new experiences each week.

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wall of text about video game livestreaming 

Looking for Collaborative Co-Streamers!
Every Saturday at 3-7pm PST, possibly more as availability expands
Contact @cerigotgame on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook
or email

For over a year now, I've streamed every Saturday at 3-7pm PST and while it's been fun, I think we can all agree it would be MORE fun if we injected some new lifeblood into the stream by rotating in new co-streamers! If that sounds like you, then keep reading!

users! I have resurfaced my old CeriGotGame account and posted this search for fellow /#livestreamer cohorts to play with, and I would greatly appreciate a reblog <3

What do you think? Know any streamers who might be interested in showing a newbie around their favorite game one of these Saturdays? Or do you have a game you want to request? Multiplayer would be more action - y but I could screen share while they shout advice in my ear while playing for a single player, maybe even *groan* resident evil village 😅

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Here's an idea for collaborating with a different every Saturday...
-write down a list of games I'm interested in (pref. Multiplayer)
-find streamers experienced in those games to teach me how to play for a day!

I think this would be more entertaining than BOTH of us playing blind, and a better intro for viewers who haven't played. If we really enjoy the game, we could stream again in the future ❤️

Goodnight, tiny little ❤️ hopefully you notice the fruit flies I dropped in for you!

If there's a particular game y'all want me to play, I'll look into how expensive it is and decide if I actually want to play it :p Or, I have literally hundreds of games already--I'm sure we could find something that would be fun both to play and to watch.

I still can't commit to a more regular streaming schedule, while still dealing with my mom's financial crap and of course my young kids...but I would love to at least try it. Hopefully it would be more interesting for you guys, too <3

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Both so we can cross-polinate audiences, of course, but also because it'd be fun. There are only so many "I believe I can fly" jokes I can make while levitating in Control...and it gets tiring, believe it or not, to try to be funny for four hours straight.

So if you are or know any other streamers who might want to co-stream on Saturdays with me...lemme know! I usually stream from my PC, but I have a capture card now so I can do PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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sooo I think we can say that I've been doing my 3-7pm OST livestreams pretty regularly--I even did one the same week that my mom died (I figured it was better than just sitting there being shocked and sad)-

So I'm wondering what the best approach is to start connecting with other streamers so we can maybe start co-streaming? Possibly a different person each week?

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