Picture of snake eating a mouse 

My new hognose snake Aziraphel finally ate for the first time since I got him. I'm so relieved 😩

nonsexual nudity 

NEWLY REUPLOADED: Interviews Founder of the Just Naked Podcast about Nudism/Naturism vs Topless Equality! Available now to Patreon donors and Promo Squad members here! toplesstopics.org/justnaked/

I got asked if I'd be interested in taking part in a "risqué body positive video game themed calendar for charity" so I dug out the top to my old Morrigan cosplay... If I can't find the rest, I can remake it. Bonus Aeden being a ham!

Gmail's suggested responses to this generic pervertmail got me loling 😂

twitter.com/ToplessTopics/stat say I stop using YouTube and Facebook entirely, and only put my comment on shitty hard to use websites like LBRY. Then what? I'm ignored enough as it is even trying to play by women - hating kid-killing Big Brother's rules - if I stop using all these platforms entirely, I might as well not exist.

aaaaaand this is why I stopped using youtube entirely for any sort of purposes, because it's so easily exploitable by false flagging haters (just like facebook, instagram, and all the rest!)

It's already been a long, stressful day of trying to figure out which if any dentists and pcps we'd be able to see once we get put on medicaid, and trying again to figure out why the hell not a single one of the companies and government agencies that owe my dad money following my mother's death haven't paid up, but now we're en route with the kids to Lowes to see if there are any cheap AC window units we can afford before we go back to triple digit heat this weekend in Portland.

A reminder that being a longtime follower does not grant you clemency to say gross shit to me. (and the excuse of autism only goes so far as well. When you're saying the exact same things that I have repeatedly called out as insulting, that's deliberately ignoring my explanations.)

Getting back on the horse for my experiment. Even though she's headless and clearly it's an illustrated watercolor, we're getting into territory where the algorithms will struggle to determine if this is a real life woman with real life nips showing! Taking bets on how quickly this gets banned so I can add the screenshot in with the others : www.toplesstopics.org/banned

Another follower thrown in fascistbook jail for saying a mean thing to a trumper. Until we ALL stop using these garbage platforms and go somewhere else, they'll continue to reign without any checks to their power. But how can we organize such an exodus without using these same instruments of tyranny?

The weekly (previously ) is going on now:twitch.tv/cerigotgame Join me while I fiddle around making a flyer for my son's birthday party in #photoshop, then play some vidya, viewer's choice!

Forgot to post this for yesterday's . I kept working on that @diana_jean_o sketch, redrew the whole chest to try to better match the reference image ; it's still not photorealistic but it's better, I think. Still left the head off intentionally to see if it can reassure the algorithms this isn't a real life woman worthy of being banned for female nipples...

I asked my dad to keep the kids away from the wet cement for two minutes so I could use the bathroom, and whelp.

New episode up! June 2021: meets Armageddon! Listen now here or search for it on the podcast listening app of your choice (might not be up yet, check in a few days) anchor.fm/toplesstopics/episod

Lest you think "that's absurd, Instagram wouldn't ban such crudely drawn illustrated breasts!" keep in mind they already banned this Day in the Life of a Topfree Activist webcomic page of mine twice 🙃

Here's today's , using a reference image from @diana_jean_o. I'm kinda nervous about it because I'm pretty sure we're getting to the level where Instagram is going to ban this as "$exu@lly exp!icit" despite the fact that I intentionally left her head off so that the algorithms are less likely to confuse this with a real life woman (not that the tech bros that programmed the algorithms ever look above a woman's chest at her face anyway).

I'm desperately trying to keep the kids out of the way while the contractors pour the concrete for our new patio, but THEY WILL NOT STOP SCREAMING AND SNEAKING OUT 🤬🤬🤬 they figured out years ago how to push furniture over to undo any lock, and whenever I'm busy trying to corral one, the other one runs to another room to do bad things 😭😭

I'm over a week behind on my project so here's a lineup of my paltry attempt at exploring some different (exaggerated) body types. I deliberated over adding color - I don't want to confuse the poor algorithms into thinking these are real life female nipples and therefore banning it (as they've already done to me countless times - see screenshots at www.toplesstopics.org/banned

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