dripping sarcasm and scorn at the patriarchy, bad words but they're passive aggressively bleeped out 

Welcome to Topless Topics, the channel that will no longer destigmatize female nipples thru exposure youtube.com/watch?v=PG8vueAiVU Finally got my new "I give up" youtube channel trailer edited. Don't worry--I'm fully dressed, AND I bleeped out any offensive words like and so theoretically should have no reason to ban THIS video! (they probably will anyway)

Hiya! I'm an oldbie on , , , and many others, and you can find all my content and other links at www.toplesstopics.org !

My main focus in my videos & are topics like , , , , , , and that sort of thing,

but I cover a lot of other topics like , , , and more!

Hoping to find like-minded creators!

Let's Play Follow-Back-Wednesday! (cuz I got shit to do the rest of this week XD)

Follow me if you like and a whole lot more!

If you do, I'll check your timeline out also and if it interests me (and/or I recognize you as an existing follower of mine) I'll follow you back!

Eldritch Café

Une instance se voulant accueillante pour les personnes queers, féministes et anarchistes ainsi que pour leurs sympathisant·e·s. Nous sommes principalement francophones, mais vous êtes les bienvenu·e·s quelle que soit votre langue.

A welcoming instance for queer, feminist and anarchist people as well as their sympathizers. We are mainly French-speaking people, but you are welcome whatever your language might be.