t.co/wUm4Wxj06A reminder that t.co/HwNMZ7vOQl, the pro-nudity anti-nazi platform I recently started uploading my videos to, is running a poll this week to pick the best day for hosting a video podcast episode focused on censorship of nudity!

aaaaaand this is why I stopped using youtube entirely for any sort of purposes, because it's so easily exploitable by false flagging haters (just like facebook, instagram, and all the rest!)

Getting back on the horse for my experiment. Even though she's headless and clearly it's an illustrated watercolor, we're getting into territory where the algorithms will struggle to determine if this is a real life woman with real life nips showing! Taking bets on how quickly this gets banned so I can add the screenshot in with the others : www.toplesstopics.org/banned

I'm over a week behind on my project so here's a lineup of my paltry attempt at exploring some different (exaggerated) body types. I deliberated over adding color - I don't want to confuse the poor algorithms into thinking these are real life female nipples and therefore banning it (as they've already done to me countless times - see screenshots at www.toplesstopics.org/banned

If ever you have considered yourself a supporter of or just me in general, tweet at @dailymotion, post this screenshot from me, and ask why the hell they banned me.

Let's Play Follow-Back-Wednesday! (cuz I got shit to do the rest of this week XD)

Follow me if you like and a whole lot more!

If you do, I'll check your timeline out also and if it interests me (and/or I recognize you as an existing follower of mine) I'll follow you back!

is NOW LIVE! Every Saturday on , every Sunday on , chat with me on there or in our server (free to all, just don't be a perv or a dick!)

Hello, world! I'm joining Mastodon at the advice of my friend, after lamenting the insane degree to which I'm always getting banned on mainstream social media, always and forever for the heinous unforgiveable sin of nonsexual female nipples. I'm hoping to find a more accepting audience for my mission here! (I have many videos up already if you search for or visit www.toplesstopics.org Thanks!

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