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Hello to followers old and new, and to those who haven’t followed me yet 😉

It’s time I wrote an thread

First of all, je suis désolée que cette introduction ne soit pas en français

Secondly, tha mi duilich nach eil an ro-ràdh seo sa

Despite picking a francophone instance as my home, my French is very rusty and was never great anyway!

I speak much better , but will probably use neither often


I wonder if there’s a cultural element to the choice between ‘Don’t forget’, which feels friendly and natural to me, here in the UK, and ‘Remember’, which feels a bit too formal/stern

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This is an amazing tip by Dani Donovan both for ADHDers who might be tempted to interrupt someone before forgetting a thought 🙋‍♀️ and for anyone who has something to say while in ADHDer or other ND person is in full flow! 🤞

My daily meds reminder a few days ago received a comment about the wording

I’m not entirely convinced that I should change it, as the current wording feels more natural to me

So what wording would you find most helpful?

Another late-night

And again I have the royal treatment, with a carriage to myself! 😉

The passenger information system on this train has just run through its entire repertoire of recorded announcements! 😂

People to retain tickets for barriers

Certain tickets not valid

Train stopping here due to engineering work

Train running very late – claim a refund


I’m often asked* about the difference between a pandemic and a bidemic

The first affects everyone, regardless of gender

The second affects people of two or more genders

In practice, the two terms are often used interchangeably

*I’ve never been asked


Gemma Stone on the parallels between and , discussing the children’s author’s latest foray into anti- muck-spreading

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