The thing about large language models like GPT-3 and Lambda describing the experience of being self-aware is they can also describe the experience of being a squirrel.


@janellecshane @ghost_bird Reading this, it strikes me that GPT-3 is basically a bullshitting machine

And that makes me wonder, are we in the UK in fact being governed by a squirrel, a robot vacuum cleaner and part of the Chicago River? 🤷‍♀️

@transponderings @janellecshane @ghost_bird

It *does* sound like a politician trying to fill in time to avoid answering a question during an interview 😁

The transcripts (including the "sentient" one) were pretty polite and tame. What do these kinds of AIs do if the questioning is more confrontational, and demanding of a specific coherent answer?

@FediThing @transponderings @janellecshane @ghost_bird they'll give an answer, obviously.

and then, some people at least, will dutifully follow its advice.

reading tea leaves is hardly out of character for our species

@FediThing @transponderings @janellecshane @ghost_bird when i first saw similar counterfactual demonstrations my first thought was this is just like talking to a privileged man who just will not admit he doesn't know

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