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urge to get naked 

Well always when i see a camera recording me i have the urge to strip my clothes off 🙈

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nice things:
- skirts without panties
- dresses without panties

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what if glass plug with integrated lighting tho

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domming a switch kink 

other girls: I'm gonna kiss ur girlfriend.

me: I'm gonna make your domme kneel, pull her lip down with a fingertip, and slide it in.

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re: titty thursday (partial nudity) 

@lis @valewdie yeah I mean, binding you close together, can't move, body on body, to get you to _stop_ being lewd at one another, is bound to be a losing proposition. no choice but to take the matter of discipline into my hands 😊
the only way to get you 2 to stop fooling around is to exhaust your bodies in pain and ecstasy. then you'll get cuddly and valew will put on MLP for lis to watch, each nestling on one of my shoulders. you'll be quiet there. for a time.

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wanna put qt boys and enbies in dresses

titty thursday (partial nudity) 

repost due to local timeline rules

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shitpost cc licence 

I need to create some icons for the little circles, what dou you think fits best? Post your ideas and if i like them i made a vektor out of it.

This slut is licensed under the CC-BD-DS-SM-SA 3.0 license
Creative Commons Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism, Share Alike

Idea: by @enum but i am sure someone made something similar before.
Vektor below made by me.

CC-BD-DS-SM-SA license 

Creative Commons Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism, Share Alike

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dommy feels, punny, kink, extremely silly 

Tue es dommy

brain why do you do this to me 🙈

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repost, bdsm, exposing sub, waxplay, rope, ownership 

looking at photo archive, feeling hungry at @valewdie . remember when I post this photo on main alt, and then the same night this one on lewd alt? it's so hard to keep good privacy opsec when _both_ of us just can't stop sabotaging ourselves with our impulse to expose 🙈

we hadn't talked about ownership kink yet, we were dancing around it, but I just had that feeling of,,, ~mine~, and I just had to show she's mine :blobblush:

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About half of fedi melts the second you call them a good girl and it is absolutely adorable
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Opensource, License 


Copyright (c) 2020, Mistress
Redistribution and use, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:

1. Redistributions of the slut must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following statement.

2. By using, redistributing, changing, or otherwise interacting with the slut, you agree to support and uphold the following statement.


sharing is caring
so if you care about your sluts, share them

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nudity, nsfw, boosts ok 

its tiddy tuesday yall

tiddy tiddy tiddy
tuesday tuesday tuesday

kink, D/s roles 

@princess always makes me feel so switchy :3
I should explore my dominant side more. It just doesn't come natural for me, but _when_ I get into the right mood it feels very good.

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kink, politics 

imagine what future ppl will kink about after we get rid of all this nonsense 🙈🙈

"i... 👉👈 i think it would be so hot if somebody else _owns_ the place I live, like, as their personal property" "Damn girl! What a filthy degraded wageslave you are"

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ok more horny clothes stuff, lots of keysmashing sry 

god actually all "woops teehee i didn't mean to expose that/do that thing i knew would super turn you on" energy is fucking sldkjfslkdjf . it's just like laskdjflasjkdlf hhhhhhh

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ok more horny clothes stuff, lots of keysmashing sry 

just like walking up behind them and pulling up their skirt or gently pulling a titty out of their shirt and seeing them get all super humiliated over being exposed and also seeing how turned on they make everyone

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