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pinned post, boundaries, conditions for interaction 

If you disagree with any of the following statements:

- Capitalism is very bad and must be abolished urgently.
- Immigration borders, same.
- Black and indigenous folk are owed reparations.
- All white people are racist and it's our responsibility to actively unlearn it.
- Trans liberation! (obviously)
- Deplatforming is good.

Then you don't have our consent to interact with us here. Spare us both the trouble and go away.

Kinky, Body writing, humiliating (?) 

Oh look @valewdie left some marks on me 👀

This toy now comes with descriptions owo. 🥰


a booty for your new year 🥰 happy New Years to the gays and theys exclusively 😈

nudity, slightly lewd 

Okay after I finally ordered the gifts for some special cuties (I know that I'm very early okay? Don't judge me 😅) I now have a cute casual nude from the mesh set I did a few weeks ago for you all as a treat! :blobpats:

Enjoy <3

Nudity, close up of my ass, lewd 

Okay this one definitely pushes my comfort zone quite a lot but I'm glad I'm doing exactly that! 😳😏😅

Glad I'm finding the courage to do so as it shows how much more I'm nowadays able to love myself and especially my body 💕

Oh and If you like to see more pictures of my butt, please let me know 👀

And now enjoy my peach 🍑 hihi 🤭

Nudity, lewd, mesh body 

As promised here are the first pictures I took in my new outfit :3 enjoy!

PS: more lewd and explicit pictures will also follow :>

[cishet voice] but children are too young to learn about non-abusive relationships

Lewd, eye contact, teaser 

Here's a little teaser for some pictures you'll get to see over the next few days :3 😁😋🤭

brought y'all this picture from tumblr so u can use it


I need FUCK therapy. I need to be fucking conquered, leashed and paraded around, written on, slapped about, drooling and dripping and shaking and whimpering, I need nipple clamps and body chains and heavy shackles and thick collars, I need latex and whips and wax, I need humiliation, teasing, degradation and denial, I need to be the party favor, the house slave, reduced to a fucking animal, utterly controlled. Ruined.

Then cuddled, kissed, adored, enveloped. Loved.

It's been a tough year.

OH: “what's between your legs” — “glory hole, uwu”

Porn, dilemma 

The old dilemma:
I don't really like porn.

But I want to make porn. 🙃

fellatio on the streets 

me is public ownership
i suck for the public good

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