What messaging app is y’alls favorite?

With google voice I’m tempted to not even have a phone bill

Experimenting with a phone bill free life cause I’m too poor to pay it.

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Last April, the first image of a black hole was released.

The famous black hole is now famous for a different reason: For the 1st time, astronomers have recorded particles propelling from a black hole at nearly the speed of light using @chandraxray data. nasa.gov/mission_pages/chandra 

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@vortok One of my bittersweet realisations after spending time on the alt-web is that social media can actually be an educational, solidarity-building, and even healthy experience, but ad-driven/engagement-driven platforms have ruined it and somehow made a version of social media that alienates people instead of connecting them. And now this version has become the monoculture so everyone thinks social media is bad.

Social media isn't bad. Social media is good. This medium has so much potential

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My furrsona is apple bottom jeans boots with the fur (with the fur)

user facing applications shouldn't have dependencies

Just realized docker is the AppImage of the server world

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Twitter is banning people for posting "No War in Iran"

Just looked through a bunch of posts and it looks like its happening to tons of people.

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