OK, I found this post on Tumblr and I understand *nothing*.


The purpose of the mathematical language is to be non ambiguous. How does this work?
For me, the post concluding this thread is obviously wrong. Are my math just super rusty and I should be ashamed, or are people in France and in the USA not using the same notation?

@Sylvhem The post concluding the thread is actually the best way to look at it. Maths symbols are intended to be unambiguous, but only when properly used as such. And even then, it isn't always clear what the intent is, unfortunately

@violetkey Sure, but the intent doesn't really matter in the end. If what you wrote doesn't match your intent, it's because it is badly written.

@Sylvhem Which is exactly the case here, it's unclear what is meant. It's poorly written


@Sylvhem Though, there are cases when even when something is written correctly it's unclear what is meant. This is the case with the traditional proper subset symbol. In some cases is means proper subset, in other cases it just means subset. The problem started arising when people started using a new symbol for proper subset. Now, it can ambiguous which system is being used

@violetkey I trust you on this one, I have not a lot of experience with subsets.

@Sylvhem Yeah most people don't... As soon as you start talking seriously about sets, math starts to get really weedsy and... well, mathy.

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