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ihave a new nsfw alt at @badbunny
its 18+ obviously

i Will post nudes there and advertise my sex work there

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bomb ass recipe for cbr dip (food) 

trying to raise $ for new glasses 

sorry i forgot to delete the trying to find a home post but im okay now

Open if you are pupy 

Do you have a crush on me?

I keep forgetting that Yoshi's Island was Super Mario World 2

There's hundreds of bunnies at my workplace's campus, so here you go.

my fiancé's made a Promise to get me a bunny when we get our new apartment!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!

ok sorry the poll isn't done but here's my fursona

They are the UNSC second to Master Chief

and HATE the covenant

they will help Master Chief #finishthefight

their tail is an ak47 for extra fire power

@BestGirlGrace @Balina both of these would be p simple vector designs to make I think, though idk how I'd go about getting them printed. By contrast I'd really love to get a tanktop with this maid's top pattern on it but idk where to even stART with the reflective printing

I'm reposting my tiny mouse motorcycler Behold because I still love this look and nobody can stop me

*filling the house with cooking smoke* whoa, who turned down the draw distance

I doodled some quick cubis with gemstone hair 

first pic of me on my new account! im blue hermit crab (selfie, no ec, boosts if u like my hair!)

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