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why ive been gone/what happened; mh-mention, no venting,boosts+ 

I started disconnecting myself from social media because i was having a lot of fun in meatspace, but then my doctor cut me off my antipsychotics cold turkey and now im really really having trouble fi
functioning even though i got my medicine back
As a result of the breakdown im like having terrible time and its directly my doctors fault and i dont know who to contact to sue or whatever can someone please help me ps i live in seattle

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ihave a new nsfw alt at @badbunny
its 18+ obviously

i Will post nudes there and advertise my sex work there

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bomb ass recipe for cbr dip (food) 

2 shredded chicken thighs
half a package of cooked, crumbled bacon
2 packs of cream cheese
a cup of ranch (ish)
a cup of shredded cheddar cheese (ish)
i added some garlic powder, salt, paprika, cayenne, and onion powder
makes at least 6 servings judging by my guesstimates
i made this recipe myself
note this si a REALLY THICK, HEAVY DIP
do not get an entire ass bowl and expect to finish it haha

asking for $ 

look if anyone cant use my gofundme i have a zelle and a paypal i just really really need help right now ill pretty much do or sell whatever i can

gofundme, boosts+ I'm about to be three months of rent deep in debt if anyone can help even a dollar would help. Pls boost if you can, check replies of this post for updates!!


that's a very powerful name and we do fully respect the decision

I told an old friend of mine this today and I think it's worth repeating here: In mutual aid, never assume you know what people need. Always ask.

I hope that the @wyrdsystrz will be pleased as punch to know that i go by Teeth now

out of the loop regarding how a word is transphobic 

Not to diminish anyone whos been hurt by it, but how is femboy a slur for trans people when all it means is feminine boy? Men can be feminine?

hot take re: empathy 

Tv shows teach kids to be empathetic why cant adults be taught that way

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unintentional lewding 

today at the diner table our child was talking about weighing beyblades and saying things like
"heavy tops are the best"
"so heavy baes are the strongest"
"heavy baes hit hardest"

and bee and i almost died trying not to laugh omg cuz mood

hot take re: empathy 

Making fun of people who learn how to process empathy through a tv show just makes them less willing to be empathetic

I think it's a testament to how good the Scott Pilgrim books are that

- they're way way better than the movie, like it's not even close. Some of it is for reasons that aren't fair to hold against the movie (the series literally wasn't finished whet the script was written) but a lot of it is just that it handles its own plot better, making it more satisfying to experience and something actually worth reflecting on and taking to heart, which is not something I think I could say about the film adaptation.
- Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is my favourite movie.

donald: waagaghghah

me: you little shit I'm trying to hit evil with my keyblade

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Niccolò Machiavelli in 1532: I will pen a satirical work about monarchical power, lampooning egotistical princes that believe pursuit of personal glory excuses immoral and inhumane acts if justified as upholding the crown

Every world leader since then: neat :)

Machiavelli: wait

A true crime podcast but it's about impish scamps nicking pies cooling on windowsills

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