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idk who needs to hear this but you don't have to like someone to be in solidarity with them

despacito has been deprecated for a long time, modern software should really be using aespacito (or 3despacito if backwards compatibility is necessary)

I am the enby girl, I am the girl enby, I'm the combination girl and enby

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drone kink trashpost 

A comic. A man steps in shit, and exclaims such. He checks his foot, and we see that he has The Straights written on the sole of his shoe.

me: mom can we get folding
mom: we have folding at home
folding at home: (advances cancer research)

housing situation, ~+~ 

cognitohazard pun 

i just learned that while unemployed i can get my name chcanged for free, so can anyone who's changed their name in WA advise me on how to do that?

The Remote Responsibilities Hackathon is starting now at 5pm, and will continue until April 4th at 5pm!

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Original tweet :

Hey bros you know what's really fuckinh metal? Being honest and open about your feelings

Before releasing any piece of electronic hardware, make sure it passes the Squirrel Test. Can it survive ten minutes alone in a room with a squirrel?

has anyone gone to college online? What's it like?

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