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void visualization, brief gun mention 

there wasn't enuf room in the fourth image description so here's the rest because it's beautiful.

"You are sleeping, comfortably, and dreaming only happy dreams. You are dozing peacefully within your ball of light, in deepest space, in an ocean of nothing, in the arms of sweet mercy. All the things that make you afraid are gone. You are a sleepwalker in a sea of tranquility. And when you wake you will know your true self.
Now let's return to the story."

Scammer warning, fediblock 

ace @ chitter .xyz is back at it again. Do not donate to any requests for fundraising to the kofi account acestarr or the paypal account foxyart.

She got permabanned from twitter for transphobic, antisemitic, and ableist tantrums as well as copious suicide baiting, and now she's come to mastodon to try to grift from people here as well. She's a notorious scammer and a megathread of eveidence aginst her from various sources can be found at

I've tried presenting the evidence to chitter administration in the past but was written off because they don't want to deal with it, and in the process are putting their instance and many others at risk as she has been ousted from countless communities, my own discord server as well, for violently toxic behavior and extremely abusive and gaslighting fits whenever she doesn't get her way.

She claims she acknowledges she was toxic "in the past" but she was calling people "jewish rats" and throwing around the r-slur and lying about using money people gave her for food to get a new ipad a matter of weeks ago, and she continues to behave exactly the same way with no intention of changing.

Block her, warn others about her, and stay safe. Do not let this abuser prey on the generosity of people on the masto and bury other crowdfunding requests from people who actually, genuinely need it.

Magic is a tool for controlling your own mind, and advertising is dark sorcery.

:boost_ok: indigenous land destruction, current, action links in reply 

"Breaking: Judge Steven Logan has denied an Apache injunction to halt destruction of Oak Flat by mining giant Rio Tinto.

He quoted a case saying, "The exclusive right of the U.S. to extinguish Indian title has never been doubted. And whether it be done by treaty, by sword, ... by purchase, by the exercise of complete dominion adverse to the right of occupancy, or otherwise, its justness is not open to inquiry in the courts."

Oak Flat is set to be transferred to Rio Tinto as private property for mining on March 11th."

GG: action links in reply to this toot

there is no agender sex marker in the oc creator: molly blindly plays sonic forces. (02/??) 

plot: sonic escapes from prison realm and theres a fuckus and a raucous going on in the nearby forest. problematic times in the world of mobius?

the story moves like ninety miles an hour and it really does feel like a speedy and quick adventure with each level being a shot of dopamine. i may have spent, as a result, 30 minutes trying to speedrun the ghost town level.

also bask in my OC!

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there is no agender sex marker in the oc creator: molly blindly plays sonic forces. (01/??) 

basic plot synopsis so far: sonic was killed and the cast of side characters has decided to form a guerilla revolution against czar eggman.

by the way, special thanks to my big systr for buying me sonic forces; its been a great gift while im recovering from my migraines. silver is nice to see specifically bc hes super cute and a twink who reminds me of my first crush, trunks. more silver please.

woody photography 

a quote in regards to the ice on these branches: "it's so thick!"

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Mutual aid, prison 

Raising funds for a friend!

Mike is a queer artist incarcerated in Florida. He's been in solitary confinement for almost a month under false charges, the latest in a string of retaliations carried out by homophobic prison staff. I am trying to raise $60 to cover legal fees that will help him with filing a greivance and appeal so he can dispute it and have these false charges wiped from his record.
Venmo: julesviper
Sharing is much appreciated!
Drawing by Mike

I know Pete Carroll already used sth similar for his book Apophenion but I really wanna create a godform/goddess Apophenia, which is "our naturally-evolved ability to see meaningful patterns in random data" aka a goddess of divination and chaos that gives meaning to chaos, instead of infusing the term with a subtext of danger and unpredictability

today my partner got me some coloring pages and pencils! very excited to get started. the person at the art supply store personally designed the pages and they're beautiful

fashion, pirates 

today i am dressed like a gay old timey pirate and it is my desire to dress like this each and every day.

I think there's a distinct difference between self-expression, art, and content. and content [in the modern sense especially] we should do Fully Away With; get rid of mass-produced bs blease 💦

on my knees begging tv people to put liquid in their cups if they insist on using them as props

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