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I know I've posted about this before but I always love when conservatives run out of real-sounding points so they fall back to "yeah well you only want that because it'd be good and make you happy"

i feel like software development is about as close to cumputer science as accounting is to maths

Boss walking by as I google "how to not fall asleep at work"

when defeated, I have an 80% percent chance to drop my sword, 15% chance to drop my sword, 15% chance to drop three, and a 1% chance to drop three, and a 1% chance to drop two swords, a 4% chance to drop my sword, 15% chance to drop my sword, 15% chance to drop my old friend 🎶

pour fêter ça je lance un nouveau sondage pour que vous puissiez choisir mon genre démocratiquement

Fear is a tool like any other, and it's fairly standardized across North America.

dark souls is actually quite easy if you spend hundreds of hours memorizing every single mechanic of the game

Dear Santa, a steady supply of hugs will also be acceptable

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Dear Santa, for Christmas I would like to not be so easily discouraged

2009: why would I need more than like, a calculator app on my phone

2019: logging sex as cardio in myfitnesspal

hot take 

Sexy pregnancy pics are a weird vibe

he attac he protec but most importantly 

he shrec

(too lazy to visual this mem)
((who's excited for frozen 2))

*picks up phone to ask* Do you think I would feel more alive and grounded if I spent more time in my body and less in my phone?

lgbt history, ussr 

The October Revolution in Russia repealed the previous criminal code in its entirety, 5 years later homosexuality was officially decriminalized. Georgy Chicherin, an openly gay man, held office as the Foreign Affairs Commissar.

However, under Stalin, homosexuality was classified as a mental disease and later re-criminalized. Stalin considered homosexuality itself to be a fascist conspiracy. The state persecution of queer people continued, with an estimated 1,000 gay men being imprisoned each year, persecution of queer people continues in the former-USSR to this day.

Call for anarchist groups 

Anyone know of any good anarchist/radical community groups in Santa Cruz, California?

basically what I'm saying is,

we (computer graphics ppl) understand that light is better described as infinitely many rays, however we must model it with finitely many.

however, we mostly understand colour as RGB, when in reality it is better described as a continuous spectrum. we should start thinking about colour as this infinite dimensional vector and not as points in 3d space. because they certainly don't mix together like that in reality

riker googling How many boxes of strepsils can you eat in a day

Its that time of the day when you're in the loo at work just opening apps and closing them again

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