I never pondered suicide until now. Quite the interesting mind sphere to be in.

Not gonna do anything to me though, don't worry.

Stop hiding even the most harmless stuff behind content warnings, ffs.

Blasphemer's (Ex-Mayhem) riffing even works with Death Metal. What an incredibly talented artist.


If these rich oligarch fucks think they can continue the exploitative bullshit they call life while the rest of the world dies of starvation, heat, flashfloods, firestorms and failing infrastructure, I sincerely hope there'll be sufficiently armed & radicalized people to bring the fight to them.

Mastodon should let me configure auto-conversation of Youtube links to an Invidious instance of my choosing.

Rotting Christ are like the friendly uncles of Black Metal. Totally down to earn, no arrogance or rockstar attitude in sight.

Instead of complaining about lockdowns in 2020 they recorded their old songs in a studio and live streamed their performance for free:


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Fuck it, it's Rotting Christ on stage and the sound is okayish as long as you can ignore the shitty drum mix.

I love these Hellenic gods.

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Thousands of small and indepentant bands release live recordings of stunning quality and then there's Wacken, the biggest Metal festival in Europe, unable to deliver a proper mix.

Why would anyone put the kick druck on just the left channel?


Crypto edgelords: KEeP pOlitiCs oUt oF bLack mEtaL


Hinauf, hinauf
Dein Herz das gegen Felsen schlägt
Hinauf, hinauf
Stetig voran
Hinauf, hinauf
Der Leib schwitzt Blut, die Seele schreit:
Hinauf, hinauf
Der Abgrund nach dir greift

Sometimes I just want it all to end.

Just drop the fucking nukes.

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The sun is shining. The weather is good. I had my 45 minutes of excercise. I had coffee and delicious lunch.

I'm still depressed af.

How is it possible that there was an RABM album in fucking 1993? And why is it so good?

This is Socialismo Satanica by Profecium: youtu.be/yX3_YjjNkVk

(I skipped the slightly annoying intro for you.)

If I had to guess, the US is trying to weaken Putin while also slowly preparing to turn on Zelensky in the hopes that Navalny somehow ends up taking control of both countries.

Seems like a big gamble.

(I could be totally wrong.)

When C level starts building calendars in Google Sheets I'm glad I handed in my resignation last month.

Friendly reminder: Book recommendations from Elon Musk and Bill Gates are not quality gates you think they are.

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