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Some of my more recent followers don't know this but I love to complain. If you see me complaining about something I'm actually in a fairly lively and good mood.

When I'm sad, I'm usually too sad to articulate the feelings.

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When you realise what you did wrong, know that I will forgive you. It's the only way either of us grows.


I'm not going to be checking this account regularly so if you need to get in touch do so today.

Update: I got a journalist involved. I'll let them navigate the situation for me.

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So something really weird happened to me on Twitter just now. If anyone with experience in electoral politics (preferably nyc) can DM, I need some advice.

This is very odd and I feel very much out of my comfort zone on this.

There is something very weird about going to an talk and seeing yourself in a protest picture. I forget that protests are mostly a media and marketing event in a broader movement.

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couple new wallpapers

got tired of seeing Arch Linux wallpapers with "muh waifu" and shit. so, here are a few with ladies running elegant-complex-streamlined tech from phone switches to NASA rocket thrusters

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Why has the number of worker-owned cooperatives grown 20 fold in the UK since 1970?

A new article on Mutual Interest, a a free online media cooperative owned by readers & writers.

Become a founder member here and help distribute our funds using participatory budgeting:

They really don't want you to discuss pay. Support the union and tell the bosses to go fuck themselves.

You should follow @ubc_students . They are a great group of people that pulls from some of the best activist communities I met in Vancouver.

Parasocial relationships are about the dynamic between a performer and their audience. If you are only communicating with people who are mufos with you are not likely engaging in a parasocial relationship. Viewing them as an audience is just narcissism.

Is it normal for a root to be growing this high up on the plant?

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Tenant organizing in DC apt buidling, help requested, please boost 

Cops were called by the management company to prevent protesting tenants and others from entering the building this morning. Still getting more info on it all, but there's a request to contact the management company and pressure them.

👉🏻 If you can spare a few minutes to call or email the company that'd really help!

Phone: 301-941-8040
Website of management company's apt building:

👉🏻 Some suggested talking points:
- the tenants of 1111 Massachusetts Ave have every right to demonstrate in front of the building
- these folks have lost income due to the pandemic, and are interested in meeting with management about overdue rent, and what the next several months look like
- It's important that this line of communication be open, otherwise tenants are at risk of losing housing once the DC eviction moratorium is lifted. We have to work out a plan that works for everyone.

Please boost! Thank you! 🖤

👉🏻 Here's a livestream of it on instagram if you have an account:

Columbia University grad students are on strike. Support them any way you can

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Happy birthday to @gingerrroot, admin of this instance.

Give her some money, if you are able to!

Today I learned that many universities did and still do have a swim test that you must pass to graduate.

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cool yeah so i’ve been trying to get the info to change the bills into my name for months and the house just got a water shut off notice with a $400 bill bc no one gave me the info

so yeah

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I think I can be better about promoting worker organising campaigns. If you know about any campaigns that need outside support tell me!

That there is an anti-democratic strain in anarchist thought is a major reason I have never fully embraced it.

I think cooperation and caring for others is a core component to making societies function. The naked individualism of this essay just cuts too hard against that for me.

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