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Some of my more recent followers don't know this but I love to complain. If you see me complaining about something I'm actually in a fairly lively and good mood.

When I'm sad, I'm usually too sad to articulate the feelings.

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When you realise what you did wrong, know that I will forgive you. It's the only way either of us grows.

People kvetching about subtooting in a way that's pretty clearly a subtoot. The lack of self-awareness is a hallmark of this place.

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re: Fediverse Meta, Fediblock 

By the way: if you agree with what I said in this, you need to send Ginny some money as she's the one that's been repeating this on loop for years:

If you're using the Fediblock hashtag, you need to send Marcia some money as they're the one who originated it:

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I love how Yiddish words make their way into English and Russian. It really shows how tremendous the language once was

There is going to be an online conference on philosophy, disability, and social change next month. Event is free and open to the public

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David Graeber's piece captures how I feel about a lot of the accusations against Corbyn.

There is nothing quite so uncomfortable as watching two people debate a topic you care a lot about using the worst arguments imaginable.

Only like 0.001% of debates are actually worth observing and you'd think I'd have learnt my lesson by now.


If I blocked an account and they move instances. The block should persist.

Solnit with another great article about the flaws of meeting extremists (eg fascists, antivaxxers) halfway.

Americans having an actually cogent critique of Macron gives me hope the country will continue to be less insular over time.

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yesterday Logic Magazine launched Logic School, an online, experimental school for tech workers looking to remake the industry from below, developed and coordinated by @xrw!

applications are open now, classes begin in March and last for twelve weeks. there is no cost! please share with folks who might be interested.

more info @

and here's the twitter link for sharing/more info!

Movie recommendations are a weird thing in that I personally enjoy moody noir-ish fare. But I know there are people here that would love Hardcore Henry even if it's understood less as an action film and more a 90 minute demoreel

Hitchens, sexism 

Does anyone remember when Christopher Hitchens wrote an article saying women can't be funny? It was so bizarre that Vanity Fair published several articles of open sexism and everyone treated it as totally normal.

Like there were fucking "debates" about the topic.

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Please, if you have a bot, make it post in unlisted rather than in public. There is so many bots posting in public now that the federated timeline is becoming unusable.
I don’t usually ask that, but can you boost this to spread awareness?

uspol antisemitism 

Considering Qanon is mostly derived from antisemitic conspiracy theories, I think you can safely consider all its adherents as likely to be antisemites.

I can't tell if that 25 year old is antisemitic or just a shitty Christian.

Let's be honest. Online leftists are more hostile than fossbros in teaching newbies. This would be more of a big deal if most significant activism weren't offline.


Acute back pain and chronic anxiety. I have truly arrived into middle age!

So despite being a miserable wreck, I really appreciate my partner and doctor. I was on the phone with them and after getting new medications we briefly chatted about whether it's more fun to perform at a bar or club.

I think the attitude is that a club is better as long as it's not all comics. A bar show can be really good but also really bad.

Ok my partner gave a strong cocktail of muscle relaxants, pain killers, and an anti-anxiety thing. I think they wanted the endless screaming to stop.

It won't. But hopefully it'll stop being caused by physical pain soon.

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