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I'm your only friend
I'm not your only friend
But I'm a little glowing friend
But really I'm not actually your friend
But I am

Hey, what tricks do people use to make acrylic paint dry faster? I layer heavy and it seems to take 5 minutes no matter what I try to do.

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(please boost) job search 

hello! i'm vanta. i have over a decade of experience editing videos, writing, using image editing software, making electronic music, and generally creating things with computers

i need a job! definitely something remote, considering i have asthma and covid is a thing. preferably something part time, but i'd consider full if it wasn't too demanding

i can do just about anything! editing videos, writing stuff, social media, etc.


One of the fascinating things about using Stable Diffusion and DALL-E 2 is that the prompts benefit from knowing art history and different artists. It's not just that it makes creating art more accessible, it makes it more accessible to people that have been tangential to it for ages.

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"The Jewish community in Las Vegas, NM is trying to buy back their historic synagogue from the Catholic Church. The church originally gave them 60 days to raise the funds, but then abruptly shortened it to 30 days, leaving the community in a lurch. Any little bit helps, and would mean so much to the community."

Remember "Hard cases make bad law" was quoted by Oliver Wendell Holmes while dissenting in a Supreme Court decision that prevented a railroad monopoly from forming.

It's actually a shitty adage with little evidence going for it.

There is a water emergency in Jackson, MS. Donate to mutual aid groups there if you can.

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Please if you know psychiatrists in Berlin accepting ADHD patients I would really appreciate it.

I lost a gig after saying, "I honestly find this task too boring to spend any time on it"

I was having a chat with someone about tolerance and had to point out that nearly all pop songs through history are fairly clear on what you should do.

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"If you have a racist friend, now is the time for your friendship to end"

Reminder: Supporters of Putin and his ethno-nationalism are fascists. It's ok to punch them since, as always, fascists get what they deserve.

Champagne socialists are awesome. Liberals and reactionaries hate socialists no matter how many dollars they got in their wallet.

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the mastodon instance at is retiring 

for a lot of reasons, both personal and practical, i don't think i can effectively run a public mastodon instance any more, and i need to retire i want to do this responsibly and make sure everyone has a chance to migrate and export properly, so here is the plan for the instance retirement (feel free to share this link around):

due to ongoing moderation load issues and understaffing, between now and 1 november, the instance may be undermoderated. for other instances, if this poses an issue for you, i encourage you to use federation tools at your discretion. i would only ask that you be clear and public about your decisions so that users can figure out where they will be able to migrate their accounts.

thank you

Nothing like losing followers when showing vulnerability.

Please if you know psychiatrists in Berlin accepting ADHD patients I would really appreciate it.

I lost a gig after saying, "I honestly find this task too boring to spend any time on it"

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italian-speaking fedi users, are any of you interested in helping to translate some Black radical & revolutionary theory from english? if so, please hit us up, or feel free to tag anyone you know who might be interested. we'd also like to start translating texts from italian into english eventually. :boost_ok:

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