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When you realise what you did wrong, know that I will forgive you. It's the only way either of us grows.

Hey, can someone who understands javascript or npm help me with something? This is a very basic question.

That most airlines are getting rid of first-class and expanding economy-class seating should tell you who really powers the economy.

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1 week left to apply! Our worker co-op is recuiting some more data analysts, for our work on open data standards in the transparency space. UK based, but working remotely.

If you read reviews the main value others had in the paper is they paid some workers to create it. The authors do not want us to think about all the bad things you could do with their research.

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Any guesses what the algorithm thinks of homeless people?

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Anybody want to hear me rant about a paper that tries to teach a computer ethics?

Because having a blackbox model decide what's moral and what's just is healthy for a democratic society!

And yes we had fucking tea even though it's fucking 30C here and his milk was fucking curdling.

Still lost.

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Only in England can you meet with your supervisor in a garden for tea and then immediately get lost in a hedge maze when you two part ways.

It's not enough to just plant trees or commit building "garden cities". We have to really treat the trees and vegetation around us as part of an ecosystem. Monoculture just leads to crop disease and environmental destruction no matter how many trees of a single species and a single gender that you plant.

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Labor strike 

The Frito-Lay strikers do ask for boycott.

If you think people shouldn't be forced to work for 84 hours in a week, and that employees should be given yearly raises, this is the boycott to join... conditions were extremely bad, they didn't stop production after a death, and the union is failing to finalize a contract.

Frito-Lay is Pepsi-Co, so Snapple, Gatorade, Starbucks, Lipton, Quaker, Cheetos, Bubly, Mountain Dew, sodastream etc etc

Maybe pick up a pen.

I feel a lot better for shifting how I do my activism. Basically I publish anonymously and mostly do stuff offline. Highly recommend it!

misogynist, academia 

See I can't prove that my former colleague with a misogynist, but I found it very telling that in his PhD thesis he didn't acknowledge any of the many women in the department that helped him with his research.

He did manage to have space to thank all the men that came to his tabletop games on weekends.

Although I'm not a member in good-standing, I really do love the red songs the IWW choir sings

I find it kinda hilarious that the Highgate cemetery brochure goes out of its way to not highlight how many famous socialists are buried. Paul Foot is listed as a journalist. Claudia Jones is listed as a journalist and activist.

They really want to erase the massive societal impact of socialists so you believe that nobody with these ideas accomplished anything significant.

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