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When you realise what you did wrong, know that I will forgive you. It's the only way either of us grows.

Is it safe yet to criticise the deep sociological flaws of consensus-based decision-making?

Sexism in Wikipedia:

The Mary Wollstonecraft article spends more time on her personal life than her writings. Especially as the latter are why she is remembered today.

Democracy and Consensus in African Traditional Politics

A fascinating defence of one-party systems that most of us associate with authoritarian forms of governance.

Charlie Mills has passed away. There are many things by him but this interview from last year is a good place to start.

"In this, western leftists will align ... with Chinese left nationalists, even ethno-nationalists, whose rhetoric they would probably find repulsive if translated into a western equivalent. They may do this more often than they actually will align with critical leftists from China or parts of Asia wedged between the US and China. One has seen this for decades and one hardly expects to see change now."

If your politics demand you shill for dictators, your politics are trash.

Israel does plenty of fucked up things that you don't need to make shit up to go after them. But if you are steeped in antisemitic tropes of a vast conspiracy controlling the world then you don't interrogate why it was so easy to say what the article says.

When @jorge posted that link he ignored everyone who raised this concern. Please don't be like him. 2/2

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So a few days ago I saw boosted into my timeline. I actually think it's a great example of how causal antisemitism ends up being promoted by ostensibly decent left-leaning people.

Note the word Jew ever appears. It is after all just a critique of Israel. But it's tangential, includes no evidence, and isn't really needed to justify the main message. But it's enough to justify a vast conspiracy and we are off to the races. 1/2

Found out that the person who used to run my local tenants group is now a landlord and I don't know how to feel about it.

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SomaFM is amazing. Commercial-free, listener-supported radio stations that are just a standard stream (any shoutcast client works, and they embed a web player on their page). They've been hosting DEF CON Radio for quite a while.

They're awesome, donation-based, and currently badly in need of funds. Like them? Please consider donating a bit. Never heard of them? Check it out, you'll probably find an interesting station or two.

Boosts appreciated!

Ever look at your hand and think it has too many fingers?

Hey @ben I got pretty extensive records on most of people who launch these harassment campaigns, so if you need hard evidence on somebody I can look it up.

None of this is to stop the harassment. Just to warn the new people who the bad people are.

Your daily reminder to block harassers and their enablers. Tell your friends. Some of us have thick skin and cynical hearts but that's not the only people I want online.

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Yo I don't wanna ask especially after being raked over the coals by the recent meta, but throwing a couple bucks my way for my trip to see someone I love and I've been looking forward to seeing for 4 years would be helpful rn. That way I can take her somewhere nice instead of somewhere okay.

In addition to the ticket cost (a relatively modest $120 I confess) lot of my travelling gear (bags, bottles, toiletries, etc.) got lost, stolen, or misplaced and I had to buy a lot of new things for the trip. My expenses are considerably more than I thought (a few hundred bucks at least).

Don't feel like you have to give. I admit this is for a privileged purpose. It would just be helpful.

Hey, can someone who understands javascript or npm help me with something? This is a very basic question.

That most airlines are getting rid of first-class and expanding economy-class seating should tell you who really powers the economy.

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1 week left to apply! Our worker co-op is recuiting some more data analysts, for our work on open data standards in the transparency space. UK based, but working remotely.

If you read reviews the main value others had in the paper is they paid some workers to create it. The authors do not want us to think about all the bad things you could do with their research.

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