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Some of my more recent followers don't know this but I love to complain. If you see me complaining about something I'm actually in a fairly lively and good mood.

When I'm sad, I'm usually too sad to articulate the feelings.

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When you realise what you did wrong, know that I will forgive you. It's the only way either of us grows.

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I am still looking for one more support engineer in US East to join us in supporting devops/secops/log management wizardry the listing says senior but we actually need another brilliant junior person. We can teach you stuffs. I'd particularly love to bring more black or brown women into the mix. Come throuuuuugh!

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"Liberals treat small businesses as untouchable pillars of the community.

In reality, small businesses are some of the most exploitative workplaces, and often play a significant role in the gentrification of neighborhoods."

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endless screaming 


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we're into the final week of #TheReadingRoom and it has been a challenging and inspiring experience

if you're interested in exploring philosophy outside the standard white academic sphere, and learning about the theory behind intersectionality, decolonisation, anti-racism, i can't recommend it enough

thank you @CaribenxMarciaX for all the work you've put into it, and into the fediverse in general

to learn more you can also subscribe to her newsletter here:

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racism, US car insurance 

"”Cities and towns with majority Black residents experience among the highest quote prices compared to cities of any other racial makeup, regardless of how clean their driving record is,” the report states. “A driver with a clean record living in a majority-Black neighborhood pays almost 20 percent more for car insurance on average than a driver living in a majority-White neighborhood who has prior driving offenses.”

As the report tells it, the industry practices a form of “redlining,” the long-illegal practice in which banks used to deny or charge more for loans to homeowners in Black areas — although it doesn’t use the term: “A similar pattern holds for homeownership and credit score, with a 13-percent increase in car insurance costs for homeowners in Black neighborhoods compared renters in White ones and a 24-percent increase for car owners with excellent credit in Black neighborhoods compared to poor credit in White neighborhoods,” the report says."

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I only this weekend learnt about Claudia Jones, a black communist who was actually deported from the US for her activism

It's crazy to me how much of history is erased basically all the time.

weird pedantry 

Hot takes means fresh off the top of your head, not controversial. It means not well thought out and possibly messy

Spicy takes is the term for takes you know are controversial.

This is what I would call a mild take


There is something very anti-science about lowering the quarantine period for the upper-classes. Like covid doesn't care about your bank account.

I honestly think more bankers and No. 10 admins need to die before they get the fucking message

I wish there were cleaner ways to recover from conversations online that get accidentally awkward.

Perfectionism courts defeat. Better to have it in your ambitions than in your next steps.

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Anyone know any singing teachers in the UK that are cool?

#uk #music

I introduced my wife to Докторская колбаса. I'm beginning to think she likes Russian food more than I do.


I don't care if you vote or not, but fucking do something. Barricade the court house, burn down a property developer's office, do a rent strike. Get out there and make a difference

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