@GwenfarsGarden @puffinus_puffinus I think the problem here is a lack of education for mods. We need to draft some type of course or something.


@RadioAngel @GwenfarsGarden@sunbeam.city @puffinus_puffinus there is a larger problem. Nothing incentives conflict resolution and peer mediation here. The default is always to burn it down and run away.

@RadioAngel @GwenfarsGarden@sunbeam.city @puffinus_puffinus when is the last time you saw comradely behaviour here? Tearing people down has become the bonding ritual. People need a project to bond over.

@zzz @GwenfarsGarden @puffinus_puffinus I've seen it. It's what's kept me here for so long. It's just more subtle than the explosive things that happen.

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