so what choice is there? your info owned by a racist corporation (twitter, fb, etc) or your info owned by everyone including your gov and your abusers (masto). hmm.

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We have to build off what's around. I always said that Mastodon/ActivityPub is just a step on that evolution. We still don't quite have the tools to grow our communities while keeping them safe.

The us owning our own data will be the next step. But making systems safe from abuse is something only beginning (see MonsterPit fork which properly hides profiles, does blocks, disables replying, etc).


But even then the problems are still human. This was explored in this thread a year ago on metafilter. A tightly moderated liberal-leaning discussion forum that hadn't properly dealt with the whiteness of its users and mods.

@zzz i certainly agree about it being a stepping stone. i just wish the discussion about privacy was prioritized...

thanks for sharing i’ll check it out!

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