"A number of workers at Kickstarter are currently trying to organize a union, an effort the company has actively opposed from the start. The CEO made it clear that the company doesn’t want a union and would not voluntarily recognize one. Several weeks ago, during the middle of the organizing campaign, Kickstarter suddenly fired two of the lead organizers. Sources inside Kickstarter confirmed to the press that the firings were not, as the company insisted, merely performance-related."

"The company is officially a public benefit corporation, meaning that it is supposed to follow objectives beyond the mere pursuit of profit, but in practice this often means little. (To make companies behave better to their staff, you need to change the balance of power between workers and owners, not just insert rhetoric about doing good into the corporate charter. Hence the need for unions.)"

"Sure enough, the CEO’s statement includes a lot of nonsense about how a union would turn workplace relations “inherently adversarial,” which “doesn’t reflect who we are as a company.” (If the majority of workers want a union, your relations are already adversarial. Continuing to fight them on their request for recognition is especially adversarial.)"

"As is usual with companies opposing unions, it makes vague unsubstantiated claims about how there are rumors workers are being pressured to join the union. (Even as the CEO uses his influence to pressure the workers not to join the union.)"


You can read the joint-statment from project creators against Kickstarter's anti-union policy here: currentaffairs.org/2019/09/we-.
If you are running or have been running a campaign on Kickstarter by the past, you can sign it here: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI.

If you ever thought about running a campaign on Kickstarter in the future, I urge you to reconsider this choice. There is great alternatives out. One of them will probably suits your needs.

I'm currently looking to see if the people behind the projects I supported signed the creators' statment. And of course, @HTHR did 👍.

@Sylvhem For anybody having trouble viewing the creators’ statement to Kickstarter, try this version of the URL:


(I think the trailing period was causing trouble.)

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