I'm thinking of starting a small recipe blog these days but I have no idea what platform to pick....
I would need something free & at least a bit customizable :blob_cat_peek:

Any advice, fediverse? [boosts appreciated]

@lokenstein I tried and tried and ultimately threw everything through the window, planned to build my own thing a while ago, but never got around building one.

I found the bludit blog CMS to be pretty simple to use though

@lokenstein WriteFreely is quite nice, and allows setting custom css for blogs like the themeing on

it's also ActivityPub compatible, so people can follow your blog's account to receive it's updates right in their masto timeline

@lokenstein host it on GitHub pages with a static site generator like Hugo, Jekyll etc?


I've been using github for my recipe blog.

It'll turn a pile of linked markdown files into a site. which gets served out of, but you don't need to set up a domain for this.

GitLab should do something similar.

@emma That chipolte sweet potato recipe tho **Chef's kiss**

I'm enjoying @write_as
Puts your blog on the fediverse.
Free to start but I ended up paying them a bit of money for some extra features and to support their service.

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